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It’s time to get rid of boring Fitness Plans and switch to a new Personal Health & Fitness Plan which works best for you. Let’s build a fun and loving relationship with healthy lifestyle by achieving your personal fitness goals.

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Fit-Online helps you to find your best online personal trainer in India. Our personal fitness coaching is all about developing new habits and skills that help you to make a positive healthy choice.

We strongly believe that personal training is more about building relationships with people than just giving them workout plans. Because a real friend understands you more than you understand yourself.

Our job is to help busy men and women in India to live a healthy and peaceful life, using meaningful training programs which suits your needs .

We will work together to understand and achieve your personal health goals faster, and in a much healthier way possible. The job of a good personal trainer is to motivate you and make the foundation strong so that you can achieve wonders in life.

Fitness Program
For Her

Women Personal Trainer

No matter what fitness goals you have, we will help you to achieve them and live a healthy, peaceful and happy life. Learn to fall in love with fitness.

Your personal women trainer in Indian will improve your physical, mental and social life.

Fitness Program
For Him

Men Personal Trainer

One of the most common fitness goal of men is to build muscle. But most men struggle to gain their desired muscle mass fast. In this case a personal health coach will help you to achieve your muscle building goals faster and easily.

Always Better With a Friend

Fitness is not one time process, rather it’s a lifetime journey. Personal Trainer like a close friend helps you to achieve it with love and care.

Our goal is to make online fitness coaching programs more effective by developing new long term habits and skills. So, that you can take step towards your fitness goals and watch yourself change.

Fit-online is a brand which is known for it’s loyalty, care and results. We help thousands of individuals every year in Indian to get in their desired shape using customize fitness and nutrition plan at an affordable price.

Our personal health and nutrition training are for those people who are not afraid to work hard towards their dreams and goals. Getting started with one on one coaching from an elite trainer is the best way to start your fitness journey.

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Weight Loss

Losing weight can be difficult for those who makes it difficult. A good weight loss trainer will always tell you that losing weight is simple, and please don't make it complicated. When it comes to losing weight you should only focus on your calorie intake & macro nutrients.

Women Weight Loss Program

General Fitness

Ready to transform your body and learn to manage health in your busy day to day life? Our customize transformation program will help you get real results. Learn to be fit and active physically, mentally and spiritually.

Men Muscle Building Training Program

Muscle Building

Our trainer will help you set realistic muscle building goals and achieve them without any stress. Fit-Online will always make sure that you'll be paired with variety of information and knowledge to form new habits. Trainer and Coach

Every plan
Designed for You

Your Personal Choice

Based on your personal preference we’ll design an effective workout plan for Home or Gym so that you never miss your exercise.

Trust Yourself

Once you understand your bad habits, trust yourself that you can change those with new ones. Give respect and be accountable to yourself.

Strong Foundation

Written and detailed plans with variety of information required to educated you. Getting in shape is good, but forming a new lifestyle is great.

Support and Reporting

All time support and result reporting ensures dedicated time to solve your problems and make new strategies & plans together.

You are Precious We
to start working from

Both in Gym with our Personal Training Program or in the office with Nutrition Program. It’s our duty to help you accomplish your Fitness Goals in your busy life. You can enjoy the benefit of personal training at comfort of your own home. Everyday is an opportunity to improve yourself, take it and make most out of it.


Fit-Online is know for it’s best personal trainer services in India. The reason of the best health training is that our trainers will help you to form new habits and lifestyle for long term.


Workout can make or break you. If you know everything about your plan and firmly trust in yourself than you can build muscle faster. We will help you to understand your workout plans.


With proper guidance and nutrition, you can achieve anything when it comes to fitness. Nutrition is the most important principle for living a healthy life. Let’s design a diet plan which suits your goals.

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Who all can hire Online Fitness Coach?


Hiring a professional personal fitness trainer is good choice for students. Now a days most of the students are busy in their social, personal and relationship life that they almost forget about their body.

Working Professionals

Working professional are busy with their tons of office works, which makes them feel stressed all day long. Hiring a trainer may help you to manage your daily life stress and keep you healthy.


Do you know the most hardworking women? Yes, you guessed it right Indian Housewives. They have time for everyone else but don’t have time for themselves, that’s why we are here to keep an eye on your health.

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Why Fit-Online is #1?

★★★★★ Fit online offers great training program whether you are just starting fit lifestyle or you just need some help. Trainers offers a truly fantastic service. I consider myself truly fortunate that I found fit-online to start my fitness journey.
indian men
Aarav ahuja
5 months ago
★★★★★ I love Fitonline and my coach. They designed my special women diet program that help me to make permanent change and make better food choices. Working with them shows, they really cares about the company and their clients.
women testimonial
Saanvi patel
2 months ago
★★★★½ Must say, this was an incredible find to have a great balanced diet with affordability at convenience of a home. Nutrition program, the support, and accountability provided by them really makes the difference in my whole life.
how to be healthy while working on your dreams
Dhriti sharma
1 month ago

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