7 Things to Know Before Going to The Gym in India

7 Things to Know Before Going to The Gym in India

Congratulation’s, It’s January 2020 New Year and you have finally decided to join the gym & get in your desired shape. Of course, you have already set personal fitness goals, and ready to hit the gym. But wait, what you will do in the gym? Only cardio? Weight Lifting? Strength Training? and what kind of people you’ll meet in the gym? Do you have any idea how to use those big metal machines?

As a beginner going to the gym can be frustrating, as there are so many hidden rules, a completely new environment, difficult machines, etc. Don’t worry we are not here to discourage you; in fact, we are just preparing you for your long health & fitness journey. The best remedy for all those problems is to prepare yourself before hitting the gym for the first time.

Himanshu Vaid, a certified online personal trainer at Fit-Online in India, is giving the best advice for first-time gym-goers. He also promises that these tips will make you feel like a pro gym goer even if you are a newbie. So, here are 7 things that you should know before going to the gym in India.

1. The Gym is not Everything

The most important thing to keep in mind as a beginner, that gym is not everything. You won’t get results only by going to the gym and performing different exercises. You have to follow the three-pillar rule of fitness, which is Exercise, Diet, and Sleep.

The gym is the best place to perform strength training, bodybuilding, and indoor cardio. Before hitting the gym, this new year starts planning out your personal exercise plan or insult your workout coach.

The second pillar of health and fitness is a diet plan. Studies shows that Diet can literally change the way you feel, the energy you have all day long and your performance in the gym. One of the most common reasons why people struggle to get results in the gym is they don’t follow a perfect meal plan. If you really want to get results this year, start to eat a portion of healthy and protein-rich food.

Make sure to have a good night’s sleep every day. Sleep is the third pillar when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, it has the ability to heal your muscles and bones after hitting the gym. So, prepare yourself to follow this three-pillar rule and then start to change your habits.

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2. Power of Consistency

Ask any fitness icon about the power of consistency in their life. Even the best athlete with the best fitness & diet plans will fail without a dedication to consistency.

Here’s the reason to support that, consistency allows you for measurement. Until you have tried something for a period of time, you can’t decide if it works or not. According to a personal trainer, you must give yourself at least 60-90 days, before judging your workout or diet plan as success or a complete failure.

Consistency looks like a minor thing but believes us, it can make a huge difference between you and quitters. If you find yourself as a lack of consist person then start to work upon your habits before going to the gym. Discipline is very important in any area of life.

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3. The Gym can be Germy

Studies have shown that treadmills, bench press, and other shared equipment in the gym are teeming with bacteria & other infectious germs. This is simply because of sweat. But you don’t have to worry much as most of the good gyms in India will provide you sanitary cloth, which you can use to wipe things down before and after using the machine. Remember, it all depends upon you that how well you can avoid being in contact with germs. Not all equipment needs to be wiped out like dumbbells or barbells, but always wash your hands after a good workout session. The more you take responsibility, the better your own health will be.

4. Even beginners can use weights

As a beginner, you may not be so comfortable in using big machines and weights. You don’t have to be a body-builder to use such machines and weights, if your strength allows you to use heavyweight then yes you can go for it anytime. But it is advisable to always have a partner or a personal trainer with you to help you lift a weight and use the correct form on giant machines. Having a good workout partner will make you feel at ease.

Start out slowly with light weights and try to connect your brain with your muscles. As you gain some confidence in machines or weights then you can use heavyweights. Every week try to increase the load and continue to challenge yourself.

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5. Learn from Advance Guys or Big Guys

Do you know what’s the best thing as a beginner? Most of the people in the gym will unload tonnes of knowledge to you for free. And this is the best time to learn from big guys in the gym. Taking advice from an advance guy in the gym is not bad, but do not follow them blindly. Go and search about that advice a bit on YouTube or Google them, and then make a decision whether to follow that advice or not. Especially in India, where everyone feels like they know their stuff, and everyone will offer you tonnes of advice, don’t forget to take your own stand. Do what makes you happy or feel comfortable.

It is always advisable to learn from advance people but sometimes that advice can be bad for your health. Remember, to stand with what you believe in and at the same time learn from logical people only.

6. Train Every Part of your Body

It’s easy to fall in a trap of training only those muscle groups which you can see, like biceps, triceps and chest. They are noob gains. Everyone loves to see your chest, arms, and abs but don’t forget to train your legs, and back. Most of the beginners make these kinds of mistakes, ask any certified health coach about the power of training every part of your body, and they will tell you about the foundation of your body.

Focus on yourself and train every part of your body at least once in a week. Build your foundation strong and see the changes in your body. You will proud of yourself after every successful workout session.

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7. No Supplements are not Necessary

Whether it is a post-workout drink, pre-workout energy, proteins, etc, you can get all necessary ingredients from a balanced diet. You don’t have to go for costly supplements and trust us, supplements are 100% not necessary.

This doesn’t mean you can’t take them or they are harmful. You can choose to take them as an add-on option. You can replace 1-2 meals of your day with supplements. Or if you can’t hit the protein intake in a day, then you can go for good protein scoop.

We hope that these 7 things will help you before going to the gym especially if you are in India. Wish you luck and to hire an online personal coach at the comfort of your home visit: Fit-Online | Get the Best Personal Coach and Nutritionist