Exercise is king & Nutrition is queen. Our job is to put them together.

It started with a question, Why personal trainers are so expensive?

Right now we didn’t have any answer to it. In fact while answering that question, we ran into more questions, why people make personal training so complicated and why do they over charge?

Fit-Online is unique delhi-based online personal training and nutrition service. The ONLY online fitness service which combines expert personal trainers, nutritionist, lifestyle and mental health advisers.

We all are different in some ways, which means we all have different body and mindset. There is no training program and diet plan which is the best for all of us. 

This is the reason why we are here! We help you to get your personal training program and diet plan which exactly suits your body and your personal fitness goals, under affordable price. Because we believe that everyone of us has equal right to get fit, mentally and physically.

Who we our?

We are Fit-Online, a small but motivated and energetic company specialising in online personal training and nutrition planning.

trainers background
If you are get bored of low calorie diets and looking for something new, you’re in the right place.
We design your personal meal plans and exercise routine exactly the way you want, which suits your fitness goal.
Himanshu Vaid
Nutritionist and Trainer
We offer our customers everything they want, putting their desire at top of our priority list.
We passionately believe in excellent service at a great price, which is why we commit ourselves to giving you the best of both.
Abhi Kashyap
Our 90 days customize plan has transformed the lifestyle of hundreds of people all over the world.
We are dedicated to find what you need and ready to help you to get rid of your unhealthy lifestyle.
Ritika Sharma

Our Services

Personal Fitness Training

Complete Online Personal Training 90-days program, specially for weight loss.

Personal Trainer + Nutritionist

Beginner to Advanced Personal Exercise and Nutrition Programs.

Personal Diet and Nutrition

Customize  Online Diet and Nutrition program, based on your food preferences.

Mission Statement

Fit Online with strong presence in India has already brought smiles to many people with unhealthy lifestyle. Our mission is to make you a part of healthy community, and to make fitness a fun for you.

Fit Online pledges a new level of care based on love, trained professionals and personal advisers. Every individual undergoes a highly personalized fitness or nutrition training in supervision of our well-trained online personal trainers.

We are dedicated to find what you and your body need, we help you to get rid of your old and unhealthy lifestyle. Our trainers will not only help you to get in shape, but also build new habits and health lifestyle. We believe that health is not related to getting in shape with over night programs, it is to get fit by over time programs.


Don't just wish for a good physical body, ready to
work for it.


When "I" is replaced with "we", even the Illness becomes Wellness.


Reality is you are only one workout away from a
good mood.

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