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Personalized and Online Coaching

FitOnline provides personalize one to one coaching, we will work together on your fitness goals, no matter wherever you are and whenver you are free! We incorporate all aspects of your health and help you build a loving relationship with healthy food.

Our registered dieticians have proven success in one to one online coaching in weight loss, weight gain, and muscle building.

We promise to make sure that in the course of 90 days diet program you won’t feel alone, deprived & won’t have to cut all those foods that you love.

Specialized Women Diet plans

Weight Loss

Now it's much easier to have an indian diet plan with its vibrant spices, fresh herbs & rich flavors for weight loss.

Fat Loss

A healthy fat loss diet should focus on grains, vegies, fruits and healthy fats with enough amount of protein.

Weight Gain

Get a perfect diet plan for weight gain by simply adding certain food can make you healthy and more effective.

Muscle Building

Get the best muscle building program from an elite dietician. Start your unbelievable transformation today.

Plateau Breaking

Sometime achieving your fitness goals can be tough-get special strategies to break your plateaus now.

Healthy Living

Living a healthy life is all about having a balanced diet and exercise. Build simple habits in 90 days to live a healthy life.

Benefits for You!

1-Dieting is old school
A good women dietician is one whose main goal is to help individuals achieve their goals without an old school dieting. Help to build a new relationship with healthy food and lifestyle in a special way. Dietician aim is to study your whole routine and provide you with the best suitable diet plan which suits your daily life.

2-Respect your hunger
Whether you want to lose some weight or gain extra muscles don’t forget to respect your hunger. Satisfied stomach leads to satisfied life. Respect your body and give it time to adapt to a new lifestyle and food habits.

3-Prevent Chronic Diseases
Having a perfect personalized diet plan that will certainly lower your chances of chronic diseases in long term.
Not to mention, once you change your way of eating, you less likely to eat outside which means saving a lot of money for future.

4-learn new habits
If your objective is to learn to make new food habits and make better food choices, your personalized women dietician will help you to do so. Sustainable plan that make your 90 days journey a lifetime journey.

5-trust yourself
Studies shoes that building trust on yourself can boost up your decision-making skills and self confidence. There is no one more important in your life than yourself. This can make your life loving.

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Welcome to the best online dietician for women. We help busy individuals to maintain their diet in day to day life and help them to achieve their fitness goals.


FitOnline dietician coaching helps you to learn new strategies and tricks to make a healthy nutrition choice. We educate you on how to improve your health.


Making new habits isn’t difficult anymore if you know the science behind it. We’ll work together to make a new lifestyle & unleash your potential to set new goals.

Food is not short term Therapy, it's a long term Fuel.

How simple is that?

Clear your fitness goals and then Choose your online women dietician plan, available for both Vegetarians & Non-vegetarians.

Second step is to complete the payment process of your chosen program.Once payment completed we’ll be in touch soon.

Once you order is confirmed, we will get in touch within 24 hours with you via call or text, and custom program will be ready in 4-days.

Once your plan is delivered to you, we will be in touch with you for next 90-days and ready to serve you the best dietician service ever. 

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