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Welcome to the Fit Online, We provide India’s best online personal training at comfort of your home. We are highly motivated group of people who helps people to achieve their desired fitness goals.

Our motive is simple, “How can we provide India’s best personalized health coaching at an affordable price?” This rquired a lot of work, dedication and emotinal stength. With over hundreds of successful online clients, our goal is to strengthen the skills we need to move forward.

We guide busy individuals to change their old unhealthy habits, and replace them with completely new lifestyle. Our fitness coaches design a custom workout plans, and mindset program for you, according to your fitness dreams and goals.

Number #1 Services we offer!

Weight Loss

No more struggle to lose weight, personalized plan will help you get in your desired shape in a healthy way.

Weight Gain

Let's begin your personal weight gain journey with the best health and fitness trainer in your area.

Muscle Building

Our online muscle building program is like having your own health and fitness coach with you everyday.

Strength Training

Your health trainer will teach you about strength training and ways to increase your strength and stamina.

Healthy Habits

Learn to make healthy habits and transform your lifestyle. Health is a long term plan, learn to work for it.

Nutrition Plans

Our online nutrition coaching comes with amazing custome diet plans, designed to get you fit and healthy.

Body Transformation Testimonials

I'll tell you straight up. I don't know anyone have more confidence in as a fitness coach than Fit-Online.
Saanvi Patel
Fit-Online can work you in or out and they keeps it real with tips that we can incorporate into our existing routines!
Riya Jain
Now I am fit like the girls you see on MTV and motivating others to start health & fitness journey.
Dhriti Sharma
The workout helped with my low self esteem, as well as with my abs and happiness. Thank you Team Fit Online.
Ishika Kapoor

Getting in the Best Shape of your life has never been Easier.

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Who all can hire Personal Trainer?

1. Students

Why are you spending almost every hour of the day in gaming, relationships, and education? What about your health? Don’t worry Fit-Online will help you to manage your daily routine and health, you can chose to hire us.

2. Working Executives

We all agree that we don’t like a hectic life when our work makes us forget about our own health & wellness. We are here to take care of your body, and mind and at the same time you can focus on achieving your dreams.

3. Indian Housewives

Want to eat right and healthy? We provide nutritious and delicious options to Indian housewives, who wish to boost their health by eating right. Get the personalized workout and nutrition plan from an expert.

Best Health and Fitness Coaching

Change your Lifestyle

Your Health, Smart Goals and Strong Habits, are three important factors that impact your overall success in life. You all the power of great habits, we will help you to build those habits and change your present unhealthy lifestyle completely.

Gain Strength

Strength training is one of the thing that is important in your overall health and fitness. It benefits people of all ages, strength training is the best for those who all are suffering from obesity and any heart issues. Both Men and Women can learn to build strength and stamina with us.

Build Muscles

Gaining pure muscle mass is not an easy job, it requires dedication and focus. It forces you to face your biggest challenge, and staying in discipline with your workout routine daily. Job of a good personal trainer is to motivate you and give a direction towards your personal fitness goals.

Three Simple Questions

  1. Where you are right now?
    First step is to define your present situation and current health position. Your trainer will help you to write down your present health and fitness habits & lifestyle.
  2. Where you want to go?
    Second step is to define where you want to go and what you want to achieve in 90 days. Your health and fitness trainer help you to set achievable goals in short period of time.
  3. How can we help you to go there?
    Next step is to take action to make all of your dreams reality, by staying in discipline with your nutrition, and workout plans. We provide both Men Personal Training as well as Women Personal Training.
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