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Welcome to the Fit Online, where individual comes to start a healthy and nutritious life. We provide India’s best online personal training at comfort of your home. We are dedicated group of people who helps others to achieve their desired personal fitness goals and nutrition goals.

No matter where you live in Mansarovar Park or in Delhi, we provide the most affordable online health coaching. With over hundreds of successful online clients worldwide, our goal is to strengthen the skills we need to move forward.

We guide busy individuals to change their old unhealthy habits, and form new fitness lifestyle. Our fitness coaches design a custom workout plans, and nutrition plans according to your fitness dreams and needs.

100% Online Coaching

The fastest and best way to get in shape is to get an online personal training from an elite coach and nutrition expert. Who understands you and your personal fitness goals.

HABITS transformation

We'll work together to form new plans which will help you stay motivated and happy to change your old habits. Learn some of the best ways to form new habits fast.

HEALTH Education

Your trainer will make you fall in love with variety of information to make your health transformation easy. With care & ultimate knowledge you can achieve anything.

Change Lifestyle‚Äč

You trainer will design a personalized plan for you as well as force you to change your lifestyle completely, especially when it comes to physical, and mental health.

Number #1 In

Weight Loss

No more struggle to lose weight, just few personalized steps and little bit of hard work will help you to get in your desired shape.

Muscle Building

If you want to gain more muscle mass naturally, you need to lift heavy under the guidance of a trainer and with a perfect plan.

Weight Gain

Let’s work together to gain some healthy weight with a balance diet and a suitable workout. Figure out how to gain weight fast?

Balanced Diet

Our online nutrition coaching comes with amazing personalized diet plans regardless of your taste, & preference (veg or non-veg)

Strength Training

Your personal trainer will tell you about ways to gain more strength and stamina, to perform different body weight training.

Healthy Living

In this busy lifestyle living a healthy life is quit tough, but Fit-Online is here to help you to keep your body healthy and active.

Fit Online Personal Nutritionist

Busy Lifestyle?

We help busy Men and Women to maintain health & fitness using Online Fitness Coaching and Mindset Training.

  • Want to be more confident & attractive?
  • Want to be proud of yourself?
  • Want to fit into your old clothes?
  • Want to stop worrying about dying young?
  • Want to be more Happier?
  • Want to increase your energy level?

Everything You Need at convenience of home

Your Place

We'll design a workout plan for home or for the gym exercises based on your choice at comfort of your home.

Your Mood

Your trainer also keeps data of your mood and how you feel all day long while following new workout and diet.

Our Trainer

Whenever you get stuck in the course of 90 days we are always ready to help you out with your struggle & needs.

Your Schedule

Fit Online fitness trainers will always ready to help you with fitness and diet plans, anytime and anywhere.

Our Inspiration

Together we can go through hard training weeks or balanced meals and can accomplish more at an affordable time.

Our Support

For questions, or any query, you can reach out to us anytime. We'll try our best to resolve it as soon as possible

Personal Trainer in Delhi, India

Great Customers - Great Reviews

I was the one who always struggle with low energy during workout, Fit-Online helped me to get proper nutrition and now I always stay energetic & motivated to go to the Gym.
Saanvi Patel
I just want to say thanks to Himanshu Vaid, who helped me with my weight loss and muscle gain journey. He designed my plan according to my routine and needs.
Rishi Jain
Now I am fit like a famous model. More than that now I am motivating others to stay fit and live a healthy lifestyle, without following fancy diets & workout plans.
Dhriti Sharma
Thank You Fit Online you helped me with my loneliness and low self esteem, now I am healthy physically, as well as mentally. I feel more confident and loved.
Aryan Kapoor

Getting in the Best Shape of your life has never been so easier.

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Define Your Fitness Goals

Shortly after signing up, you will be in touch with your online personal trainer and nutrition coach, regardless of where you live in Mansarovar Park, Delhi, or in India. In order to know more about you and your health needs, he will ask you about your desired goals, current workout plan or how often you exercise, etc.

Get Trainer & Nutritionist

Next step is to design your personal fitness and diet plan for next 90 days. Your trainer will always be in touch with you and always ready to help you in health goals. Within 36 hours of signing up, health coach will provide you the best suitable training & nutrition plan. So that you can start your journey in next three days.

Start Achieving Your Goals

Final and the most important step is to start following your personal fitness plan. Your trainer will motivate you in best possible way so that you always stay committed and energetic to workout or to follow your diet. Also learn to build healthy habits and form a completely new lifestyle in this 90 days of program.

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Whether you are in Mansarovar Park, Delhi or somewhere else in India, you can still avail this awesome health service at an affordable price.
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