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Best Tips for Women to Lose Belly Fat

Are you worried about your belly fat? Having hard time to fit back in your favourite dress? If yes, then you have to lose that extra layer of fat.

My motive is not to discourage you but I have to put things which are true. Stomach fat may affect you in negative ways. Belly Fat can be dangerous and it’s quite difficult to get rid of it. More fat means higher risk of diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.

We all know the workout is very important for our health, but sometimes we forget that proper guidance from a trainer is also very important. Learning from an expert helps you to change the way you look at health and fitness. Now it’s time to learn some important tips to lose belly fat fast. But first, let us learn more about Belly Fat.

What is Belly Fat?

It can be defined as the extra abdominal fat which surrounds our stomach. This Fat not just surrounds our stomach but it can have negative impact on almost every organ in our body and may lead to other health issues such as cardiovascular disease as mentioned above.

Which is the best way to know about it?

Belly Fat is easy to measure. Generally, it is measure by the circumference of our stomach or our waist. You don’t need to go to the doctor, you can estimate it at home using a simple tape measurement. Waist above 35 inches in women is known as obesity.

Factors that Contribute to Belly Fat in Women

  • Stress: Most of the time you might not realize it and you blame illness for headaches, stomach pain, insomnia, weight gain or sudden weight loss. Stress changes your thought process or thinking ability, change your feelings, and behaviors.  If you are also going through stress then you must have to figure out ways to reduce it or it may lead to excess belly fat and weight gain.
  • Poor Diet: Studies shows that working women generally eat more unhealthy food as compared to housewives, which again leads to that extra fat. If you follow the Indian diet, means a diet which is low in protein and high in carb then you need to cut down some carbs and increase intake of protein. Diet and nutrition play an important role in our life, if our diet is not right then our kitchen becomes the root cause of all disease.
  •  No Exercise: Most of the people spends hours & hours just sitting, whether in office, metro, or at home. Nowadays there is a saying that sitting is the new type of smoking. When you have a lazy lifestyle then your muscles and bones become weaker over time. This leads to sudden muscle loss and body start to store fat in replace of it. Do you know which is the best exercise to lose weight? The exercise which helps you to lose weight is to start the exercise.
  • Hormonal Imbalance: It occurs when there is too much or too little flow of hormones in your blood stream. Hormonal Imbalance may occur due to your hectic schedule and busy lifestyle. It may interrupt your sleep cycle and body temperature. It can be the reason that you start to gain weight and belly fat layer.
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What are the best tips for women to lose belly fat fast?

When it comes to health and fitness, the best & easiest way to stay on track is to have a healthy habit. you must have a healthy lifestyle, which helps you to stay fit.

When I say habits, I didn’t mean you’ll change all of your habits and completely switch to a new lifestyle. Whereas what I really mean to say is you must follow three pillar rules.

Some of the best personal trainers and nutritionist out there suggest three pillar rules. So, what is this three-pillar rule?

Three Pillars of health and fitness are:

1) Habit of Exercising daily.

2) Proper Nutrition and Diet.

3) Good night Sleep or Body Rest.

Trust me personally. If you follow these three-pillar rule then you don’t need to worry about belly fat anymore. This is the best tip and the fastest way to lose your belly fat.

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The Best Exercises to Lose Belly Fat

1) High Intensity Interval Training Sprints

If you have decided to lose that extra layer of fat near your stomach, the high intensity sprints or just simple running helps you to achieve that goal. It is not easy exercise so, please don’t underestimate it. You have to put lot of strength in it. The more you push yourself, more calories you’ll burn. Sprinting not only helps in weight loss but it also helps you gain more leg strength, more stamina and boost your metabolism.

2) Planks

Planks is one of the best exercises to tone your arms, shoulders and your abs. It also helps you to lose that extra belly fat. It doesn’t require much space to perform, you can try this at home. Planks uses entire body to keep you stabilized. This exercise is a perfect combination of cardio, strength training and stability which results into burning more calories in short period of time.

3) Crunches

You are not dedicated to achieve your fitness goal (which is to lose belly fat fast) if you forgot to perform this exercise. According to some trainers and coaches, crunches is among top exercise to burn that belly fat. When you start to add this exercise in your daily routine, I promise you’ll start to see result in few weeks. This exercise firms the muscle around your stomach and helps in keeping the core strong & tight.

4) Lying Leg Raises

This exercise not only makes your stomach flat, but also adds muscle to your quads, hamstrings, glutes and lower abs. Leg raise is extremely effective for your belly as it strengthens your core and waist. The position of exercise adds more intensity in it. So, try to keep your legs straight and tight as possible. This will give you best results and burns more calories which is the best way to lose belly fat.

5) Bicycle

Yes, the last one is cycling. Try to do this exercise daily in the morning. It energises you and freshen your mood for the whole day. Fresh mood helps you to solve any kind of problem during that day. But wait what if you don’t have any bicycle? Don’t worry you can still perform this exercise at home. Just lay down on floor and keep your hands behind your head, then start cycling. This exercise ads value in your life.

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