complete guide on starting your weight gain journey

Complete Guide on How to Start your Weight Gain Journey?

When it comes to health and fitness there are tons of articles on how to start losing weight. When you first enter this healthy world, it feels like health is all about losing weight, and no one is concerned about people who want to start their weight gain journey in a healthy way.

We all know that being underweight is not very healthy option. Moreover, in this social media society people say that underweight people are not attractive, or smart. Being a personal trainer, I know it’s true that many of you wants to gain weight and start their fitness journey, but it’s also true that many of you are confused from where to begin.

The very first advice I would like to give you on your weight gain journey is to start with a perfect mindset. Gaining weight is not an easy job to do, it takes courage to be healthy and fit. There are many different ways to gain weight such as gaining muscle mass, or gaining fat mass.

By the end of this article you’ll be ready to start your gaining journey with a complete step by step approach. I’ll help you to learn every single thing about gaining weight in a healthy way. There is lot to consider when it comes to weight gain, such as:

  • Your current body shape and fitness lifestyle.
  • Your genetics, look at your parent shape and weight.
  • Your desired fitness goals and motivation.
  • Starting with a perfect plan.
  • The most important is your Nutrition Plan.

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Before starting, I would like to give you one last advice. Remember that achieving any fitness goal takes time and efforts. Making changes in your body is a slow and steady process. A sudden or drastic change in your body may result in metabolic damage.

Here is the complete guide on starting your weight gain journey:

1. Start with a Plan

You know what’s the biggest mistake people do when it comes to achieving dreams and goals? Starting their journey without any basic plan.

Remember, no Plan is perfect. Designing a basic plan for your fitness goals is more than enough to start with your journey. Your personal health plan will help you to clearly define where you want to go in life, what you want to achieve and when you want to make it reality.

Planning may seem like boring stuff for most of you, but you know what Basic Planning is far better than living a directionless life. It same like you step out of your house, without knowing where you want to go. So, how to design a weight gain plan? Don’t worry stick to this article and I will answer all of your questions positively.

How to design your personal fitness plan?

Step 1. Write down the difference between your current weight and desired weight after gaining.

Step 2. Set a time limit in which you want to achieve that goal. You can choose to divide your time period in three different goals such as short-term goal, Mid-term goal and Long-term goal.

Step 3. Now it’s time to choose a perfect workout plan. Generally, the best workout plan is one which makes you forget about everything else. If you love bodyweight training then go for bodyweight workout plans, or if you love weight lifting then choose to work out in the gym.

Step 4. Next step is to set a workout routine. My suggestion is to choose to workout at your favourite time of the day. Because at that time you’ll be more energetic and productive.

Step 5. The fifth step is to design a vision board. A vision board is your dream board, on which you paste the picture of yourself and your favorite body type and shape. Put it where you see it every day.

Step 6. The last step is to stay committed with yourself and with your healthy routine. Every day says to yourself that you are ready for the change and gain your desired weight by the end of this year. Believe in yourself and just be patient.

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2. Choose your Favourite Workout

Next step is to choose your favourite type of workout. Your workout is one of the most important parts when it comes to weight gain. So, it is always suggested to choose workout which you love the most.

Doing your favourite type of workout helps you to stick with your healthy lifestyle even when you don’t feel like it. You can choose your favourite kind of workout but make sure it includes a little bit of strength training.

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What if you are a Beginner?

It’s true that most of the beginner struggle to gain weight as they won’t be able to stick long enough with their difficult workout plans.

My advice for you is to start small. Health is not a short-term process, instead it takes time and you have to be patient, take one step at a time.

If you never worked out a day in your life then there is no need to start with one-hour full workout plan, just start with following exercises to gain healthy weight.

Day 1. Ten Jumping Squat and Ten Push Ups.

Day 2. Eleven Jumping Squats and Eleven Push Ups.

Day 3. Twelve Jumping Squats and Twelve Push Ups.

Increase gradually and slowly every day.

3. Focus on your Macro Nutrients

Nutrition plays the most important role in starting your weight gain journey. It is the only thing which can make a huge difference in your health and fitness journey.

The simple way to gain more weight is to eat more than you burn by increasing your daily calorie intake. As a rule of thumb increase your daily calorie by 250-500 extra Kcal per day. To gain weight fast focus more on adding calorie dense food in your diet.

At the same time focus to increase your daily protein intake. General protein intake while gaining is 0.8 gram to 1.0 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight. Protein helps you to increase your muscle and strength. It also helps you to repair your muscle soreness after workout.

If your diet is balanced and as long as you are in positive calorie balance, then you definitely will gain weight.

What about supplements?

Muscle Building and weight gain supplements are marketed as a quick fix magic pill which will help you to gain weight fast. Most of you are confused and wonder whether to buy these products or not.

A good health coach will not encourage you to buy these processed and high-priced food. Rather than spending your money on these foods, you should more focus on proper macro (Protein + Carbohydrates + Fats) balance.

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4. Choose your Workout Partner

Studies shows that working out with your friend or any other partner helps you to achieve your fitness goals faster. It also shows that a good workout with a friend helps you feel happier, loved and build positive attitude.

There is no doubt that working out with friend is better than working out solo. Who will help you push your limits? Who will help you to make the last rep count? Who will guide you to lift more weight? It’s Obvious that having someone who holds you accountable can make a huge difference and change the way you exercise.

What about Personal Trainer?

Personal Trainer is a good choice for those who struggle to find a perfect workout partner, or if you want to work out with an educated coach. A good personal trainer will keep you motivated both in the gym and as well as in your life journey.

Personal trainer will help you to achieve your weight gain goal faster and in a much healthier way. My advice is to hire a trainer who will keep you excited about workout even if things get tough.

5. Last Three Things to keep in Mind

Now you are ready to start your personal weight gain journey. So far you know everything related to weight gain journey and living a healthy life. But three are three things which will always help you to achieve your life goals.

Most of you already know these three things, but my job is to remind you again. These life tips will help you to get where you want to get in your fitness journey and life journey as well.

1) Knowledge

Knowledge is the first step towards your weight gain journey. You have to know everything about your body and your personal health care routine. But don’t worry I am not telling you to get a PHD in health and fitness.

Just basic stuff about your own body and fitness routine will help you to set an achievable weight gain goal. Learn basic stuff about diet and gym. Or if you want someone else to study your own health care routine then you can go for a personal trainer.

2) Execution

Taking action towards your dreams is the most important key in achieving health success. Saying you want it and planning only will not get you result but doing what you have planned will give you results.

You know one thing that separates success from an unknown? It is action. People who achieve their goals and dreams, they take massive action. Do not take much time, take action and execute your plan. When the emotion is high, idea is hot take action and make all of your dream’s reality.

3) Patience

In this fast-social media life, humans forgot to be patient. Sometimes the only thing important is letting go and doing what you are doing every single day. Being at peace with your self and believing that one day you will achieve all of your weight gain goals and dreams.

Remind yourself before quitting that you are a part of the long-term process. Great things take time and effort. Don’t expect it to happen overnight, rather focus on being better.

In the end, I just want to say best of luck for your health and fitness goals. Now you can start your weight gain journey.