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Complete Information on Weight Gain Diet to follow Daily

Want to know something about gaining weight? The fact is Gaining Weight in a healthy way is hard. We know most of you won’t believe in this statement, but it’s true. Ask any skinny, or underweight person about their struggle of building muscles, or gaining some weight.

It’s also true that when it comes to fitness more than 80% of the internet is filled up with advertisements, and blogs of losing weight.

We all know that being skinny is not a healthy option to live with. However, people who are not skinny still struggles to gain some muscle mass. No matter in which category you fall in the basic principles of gaining weight is the same.

Is there any way to make your Weight Gain Journey easier?

The answer is YES, there are so many ways to start your weight gain journey. Moreover, if you know the science of gaining weight then you can start your weight gain transformation on your own. In this article, we (Fit Online) will provide you the complete information on weight gain diet to follow daily and how to transform your body in just 90 days.

What it means to be Underweight?

Individuals having a Body Mass Index (BMI) of less than 18.5 is considered to be underweight. These standards are set by the World Health Organisation.

Calculate your own Body Mass Index here.

However, you should keep in mind that the BMI scale is not so perfect measurement to whether you are skinny, or overweight. As it doesn’t count the number of muscles you have.

Also remember that there are so many different types of medical conditions like cancer, diabetes, thyroid, etc, that can lead to weight loss. So before following the given information on weight gain diet, you should consider your doctor first.

Importance of maintaining Healthy Body Weight

1. Longer Lifespan

Several studies show that people who are healthy and have a good BMI can expect to live longer. People who do not smoke, drink occasionally, and are in good shape may live seven to eight years longer than the general population.

2. Reduces Risk

Having a good healthy habit can reduce the risk of so many different types of diseases. Some experts also believe that living a healthy life can prevent and reverse your disease.

  • Heart Disease
  • Lung Disease
  • Cancers
  • Diabetes
  • Brain Disease
  • High – Low Blood Pressure

Just following a habit of eating healthy foods and exercising daily can prevent you from these serious diseases or illnesses.

3. More Happiness

We all know that just 10 mins of exercise or walking releases dopamine & serotonin in our body, which leads to happiness, and a feeling of love. Having a healthy body weight can help to increase your overall mood, increases your level of happiness which ultimately improves your mental health.

4. Better Sleep

There is no doubt that we all love falling asleep especially when we are too tired. Yes, you are right a good night’s sleep is very important for our body, hairs, nails, and muscles, it’s just as important as eating food or exercising daily.

However, studies show that quality sleep is much more effective than quantity because quality sleep helps to repair the body faster as compared to the quantity of sleep. And to achieve quality sleep you have to keep your diet and weight healthy.

If you are underweight, right now, and planning to gain some weight then before starting your transformation try to record your sleep daily for at least a week. And after your gaining transformation compares that data with a new one, you’ll be shocked to see the change in the quality of your sleep.

5. Increase Energy

Do you feel tired all day? If yes, then you are low on energy as most people out there. These busy lives lead to tiredness even after waking up from a good night’s sleep, but don’t worry the one thing you can do to increase your energy levels is to be in the category of healthy weight.

As mentioned above being healthy not only improves your happiness level, and your quality sleep, it also leads to higher energy and feeling of doing things without any pain.

Women struggling to gain muscles

Let’s start with basics of Weight Gain Diet

So, now you know the importance of maintaining healthy body weight. Which means it’s time to start to learn about the basics of gaining weight, which is Calories Intake.

What are Calories?

Calories are just a unit of energy. Almost all types of foods – like carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, are sources of calories.

Every cell in our body need energy to function properly, that’s why calories helps to feed those cells.

What is Calories Intake?

Nutrition is one of the most important factors when it comes to weight gain. Nutrition has the ability to make a huge difference in the quality of your lifestyle, whether you end up living healthy or whether you end up living unhealthy.

The first step towards your weight gain diet is to calculate and eat the right number of calories daily. A healthy diet plays an important role to protect against non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.

The general guidelines provided by various institutions are – A middle-age moderately active woman should consume 2,000 Kcals daily. And a middle-age moderately active men should consume 2,400 Kcals daily.

How to find your Calories Intake to gain weight?

A simple and easy way to find your daily maintenance calorie is by using calculators which include your body weight, height, and the amount of exercise you do in a week.

Calculate your maintenance calories now.

Now you know about your daily maintenance calories, but your goal is to gain some weight or muscles. To achieve that you have added at least 500 kcal in your daily diet – with a good combination of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats.

Adding five hundred extra calories gives you the exact number of how much food you need to eat in order to gain some weight or muscles.

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Advice on maintaining a Healthy Weight Gain Diet

Extra calorie intake is not enough for your body, you have to keep in mind that eating excess amounts of fats to manage your daily calorie intake may lead to unhealthy weight gain. Whereas our goal is to achieve healthy weight gain in a natural way, without using any supplements.

In order to manage your calories intake from different source of food, follow the given guideline.

Carbohydrates – 45% of your total calorie’s intake or energy intake

Protein – 35% of your total energy intake

Fats – 20% of your total energy intake

Follow this ratio to plan your perfect weight gain diet. These are the tested and the most effective ratio of eating healthy food in order to be healthy and put on some muscles.

Top 15 Foods to Gain Weight Fast

Now we know that adding extra calories in our diet and eating in a gaining ratio leads to weight or muscle gain. But it also depends upon the kind of food you chose to eat to manage your daily calorie intake.

Here are the top 15 foods that you should eat daily to gain some weight in a healthy way –

Full Fat Milk

1. Full Fat Milk

Milk is one of the best parts of the Indian diet, cow’s milk has been enjoyed for thousands of years. But most of the people like to go for fat-free milk or milk products.

Several studies have found that saturated fat found in dairy is not as bad as most of you think, it may be linked to a decreased risk of stroke in the long term. Not to mention whole milk tastes much better than the fat-free milk.

It’s not just about the benefits of fats in the milk. Full Fat Milk is a powerhouse of weight gaining diet, because of an impressive nutritional profile –

  • Protein
  • Fats
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B12
  • Potassium
  • Phosphorus

Moreover, full-fat milk has a greater number of calories as compared to low fat or fat-free milk, which will help to fulfil your daily calories intake. Now it’s time to forget the Fat-Free Milk and switch to Full Fat Milk.

Homemade Smoothies

2. Homemade Smoothies

Smoothies made with fresh fruit is delicious in taste and has lots of health benefits, which makes it an awesome summer drink. The fun fact about cold smoothies are they cheer up your mood and make you feel energetic in just one sip.

They are usually blended with blueberry, strawberries, avocadoes, fresh vegetables, yogurt, and cold milk or cold water (for fewer calories). They are packed full of nutrients, minerals, fiber, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Try to add this drink in your daily diet to achieve your health goals faster and in a healthy way. You can also serve this drink to your family member in the brunch, or in the afternoon snack especially in hot summer days in India.

Learn more about the benefits of Blueberry Avocado Smoothies.

Banana Shake

3. Banana Shake

The next best type of drink that you should add in your gaining diet is Banana Shake. People who want to boost their metabolism to gain some fat and muscles are advised to add lots of fruits and vegetables in their daily diet.

Bananas are high in nutrients and provide many different types of health benefits too – As they contain lots of fiber which leads to good bowl movements.

Banana Shake has a good amount of carbohydrates, protein, and fats. Which makes it a perfect meal for post-workout.

My recipe of making Banana Shake as a post workout meal –

  • Put Two Bananas in the Mixer
  • Add one full glass of Milk
  • One scoop of whey protein (optional)
  • A little bit of Cinnamon Powder
  • Blend them together and enjoy it after your workout

This has approximately of 400-500 kcal, which will make you feel full for long period of time.


4. Yogurt

Yogurt is one of the food that people love all over the world, because of its nutritious benefits and also of its great taste. As humans, our food should be joyful, not restricted.

Yogurt is a pure milk product that offers many health benefits, but remember we are not talking about packed yogurts available in the market. Try to make your own yogurt at home or go for unsweetened yogurt always.

Health benefits that yogurt offers are, reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, good for your bone health & gut, rich in essential nutrients, and high in protein which is important to pack on muscles.

Here is my personal recipe of making yogurt –

  • Take one bowl of Yogurt
  • Add some chopped Banana
  • Some frozen Blueberries and Strawberries
  • Tip some seeds on the top of the yogurt

Consuming yogurt daily helps you to gain some healthy weight – if it contains probiotics, it may strengthen your immune system and reduces the chances of illness.

Whole Grain Breads

5. Whole Grain Bread

Eating more whole grain products makes your diet healthier. In fact, eating whole grain bread is associated with various benefits, including a lower risk of diabetes, stroke in some cases, high blood pressure, and heart disease.

Whole Grain Bread is a good source of nutrients, such as magnesium, potassium, zinc, and high in fiber. But before purchasing any whole-grain product remember to read the nutritional label, because some products have a high amount of sugar. They may make you gain an unhealthy amount of fat, so avoid them.

Nuts and Peanuts

6. Nuts

While gaining weight you have two options one is to eat big meals to manage your calorie intake. Another way is to eat small meals but more frequently.

If you go with the second option then it will be easier for you to achieve your daily calorie intake goal, and allow you to be active all day. In these small meals, you can eat nuts that contain a high amount of healthy fats. They are also packed with a number of nutrients and vitamins.

Some of best nuts that you can eat as a snack while working on your job –

  • Walnuts
  • Hazelnuts
  • Brazil Nuts
  • Peanuts
  • Pine Nuts

Try to add handful of these nuts in your daily gaining diet to see great results.

Dried Fruits

7. Dried Fruits

We all love dried fruit, they are traditionally known to be the powerhouse of the micronutrient, fiber, and antioxidants. In simple words, they are good for your heart, brain, blood flow, and other vital organs.

Studies have shown that people who eat dried fruit daily tend to weight healthy and have a healthy immune system. However, do not go for spicy, colored, or flavored dried fruit. Keep it simple and natural. Some of the most nutritious dried fruits are –

  • Almonds
  • Cashews
  • Dates
  • Raisins
  • Apricots

Eating a handful of these fruits daily also helps you to get healthy fats which lead to healthy weight gain.

Legumes India

8. Legumes

There is much evidence to prove that plant-based diets are good for your overall health. Thanks to the Indian vegetarian diet, which includes a daily intake of legumes.

They have a remarkable nutritional profile. Moreover, they are a rich source of fiber and plant-based protein. Fiber helps in your daily bowel movements and protein in your muscle building. My personal advice to get suck more benefits out of legumes is to go for sprouted legumes, lentils, or peas (example: chickpeas, black peas, green lentils, split lentils).

Try to add at least a bowl of sprouted legumes in your daily diet.


9. Beans

Beans are one of the most affordable sources of protein, fiber, iron, and vitamins. They are available almost everywhere in the world, and in all seasons. Available in dry, frozen, or canned.

As mentioned above they contain amino acids, which are building blocks of protein. Which heals our muscles, tissues, hairs, nails, skin, and bones. Protein is one of the essential nutrients needed to build muscles or gain healthy weight.

There are many types of beans that you can add in your gaining diet daily –

  • Soybeans
  • Kidney Beans
  • Black eyed Beans
  • Black Beans
  • Red Beans
  • Navy beans
  • Lima Beans

Some people have an allergy to beans or other members of legumes, so please consult your nutritionist before adding these in your daily diet.


10. Oats

Oatmeal is a great way to start your day, as they are rich in soluble fiber which helps in lowering your cholesterol level. To get most out of it try to add some seeds, nuts, and fruits over your oatmeal.

Oats are a really good source of carbohydrates, which is required to gain a healthy amount of weight or fat. Some studies show that they are the healthiest grain on the planet, and great for your skin.

Chicken and Eggs

11. Chicken and Eggs

Eggs and Chicken are a great source of lean protein, vitamins, and good fats that help to build muscles and strength. Eggs are among the most affordable way to get your daily protein intake and the most nutritious food in the world. Whereas chicken is the king of the protein source for bodybuilders and athletes.

You should add at least two meals of chicken and eggs in your daily muscle gaining diet. Not to mention they both tastes best together, and also helps you to accomplish your lean protein intake.


12. Fish

Fish is the favorable choice of athletes, after chicken, and eggs. As it not only helps in muscle building, but fish is a great way to live a healthy lifestyle.

Fish (such as salmon, and herring) are great to promote heart, brain, and joint health, as they are high in omega-3 fatty acids. Do not eat fish every day as they will make you fill up, and you won’t be able to achieve your daily calorie intake. Though you can eat them as a snack on weekends.

Whey Protein Fit Online

13. Whey Protein

Whey Protein is among the world’s best supplements. It is a milk-based product as whey protein is separated from the casein milk. Studies show that they are very nutritious and have various health benefits.

As the name suggests they are an excellent source of high-quality protein, containing all essential amino acids. It not only helps in muscle growth, but also great for your heart, blood pressure, and overall body.

If you are on healthy weight gaining or want to promote natural muscle building then you must add whey in your daily diet.

Homemade Protein bars

14. Homemade Protein Bars

Homemade protein bars are a great way to make your snack or dessert healthy. As mentioned above it has all the benefits of whey protein, oats, nuts, and dry fruits.

The simple recipe to make your own protein bars at home –

  • Take one cup of oats
  • Add one scoop of whey protein
  • Mix all the healthy nuts, and dry fruits
  • Pour some hot milk in that mixture and mash them gently
  • Freeze that mixture and enjoy your homemade protein bar

Do not go for packed bars as they are full of artificial sugars, which may lead to unhealthy fat gain.

Dark Chocolate Benefits

15. Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolates have a rich amount of natural cocoa and less or zero amount of artificial sugar. Scientific studies have shown that dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants, minerals such as iron and magnesium.

Moreover, the best part is they may boost your mood, which leads to good mental health. Also improves your blood sugar level, and reduces the risk of developing diabetes. Eat it as a snack or as a dessert, now you have an excuse of eating dark chocolate daily (but remember in limited quantity).

Steps to design your own weight gain routine at Home

Now you know all kinds of foods and drinks that you can add in your daily weight gain diet. But still confused to design your own gaining routine at home, don’t worry here are some simple steps towards designing your personal health routine. (that’s why this is the complete information on Weight Gain Diet to follow daily)

Step 1: Know your Body, write your current workout, nutrition, and sleep routine. Write the kind of foods (above listed) that you can afford to add in your daily diet.

Step 2: Plan your goals, and set a time limit (example – “I will achieve 10 kilograms of weight in the next 90 days”). Picture yourself how you want to look and what kind of workout and nutrition routine you have to build.

Step 3: Figure out how many calories you need to eat in order to gain weight in the next 90 days. List out your daily meals and remember to eat surplus calories.

Step 4: Start with your workout and nutrition plans. Stay dedicated, never miss your meal no matter how busy you are, because eating a surplus number of calories is the only key to gain some healthy weight.  

Step 5: The final step is to record your daily achievements in your personal health journal. Write down everything in that journal daily which is related to your health. And after 90 days compare them with your previous body weight.

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What about hiring a good online personal trainer?

If you believe that you have tried everything mentioned above but still struggles to build good habits, and struggle to gain muscles or weight. Then the answer is yes, you can hire a good, educated personal trainer who will help you to achieve your fitness goals in a healthy way.

Where to find an educated and trusted online personal trainer? Here is the answer.

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