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Frequently asked questions

Fit Online is a group of elite online personal trainers and nutritionist. An online personal coach can enable you to achieve your health and wellness objectives in your busy lifestyle with all the convenience of training at your favourite place. (Home, gym, or personal area).

There is no need to attend classes or workout sessions which may not suits you and your daily routine. This is a healthy way of including body and mind transformation program into your busy life. Which means now you will decide which will be the most convenient time to workout and eat what you like.

Online Personal Training is for all type of people, regardless of your profession. Our training programs will help you to achieve your health goals anywhere at anytime.

You don’t just get different training and nutrition programs, also we will educate you how to eat right and how to train accurately, helps you to understand the various aspects of fitness through online nutrition and training programs.

You can workout while heading towards office or marriage party. Now, there is no need to eat boring and tasteless food to get slim. We respect your taste and habits, we’ll try our best to plan a diet and fitness programs which suits your needs.

We don’t just instruct you, we’ll educate you.

The Personal Education Based program focuses on:

  1. Nutrition and Diet plans
  2. Exercise and workout
  3. Rest and sleep
  4. Stress management
  5. Mindset and motivation
  6. Overall healthy living
  7. Develop habits for healthy lifestyle
  8. Children health care
  9. Weight Management
  10. Free Consultation for one year

Anyone who wants to make long-lasting change and wants to give up dieting for good!

We all have tons of information regarding health, diet, food and fitness, sometimes we just need a guide (that’s Fit-Online!) to help us decide which of that information is relevant and useful to us, and which suits our body and daily routine.

You may be happy and satisfied with your weight but feel you would benefit from guidance to improve the food choices you make, habits you adopt, to learn how stress and boredom can influence your daily food choices and improve the level of activity you do every single day.

•  Which food is right for my body?
•  Which workout plan suits my needs?
•  How frequently I should be eating my meals?
•  How can I improve my activity level?
•  How to maintain healthy lifestyle while travelling?
•  How can I prepare my meal while getting late?
•  Do I really need to have specific amount of diet to lose weight?
•  Regular gym workout is good for my personal body or not?
•  How much calorie intake is good for me?
•  Can a Vegetarian have all essential amino acids?
•  Is there a genetic factor to my health?
•  How much sleep do I need?

You will going to have all of your health-related issues resolved. FitOnline will help you to build a perfect nutrition and physical routine, which suits your body.

By the end of this training you will have created your own user manual which suits best to your daily life and which options are right for you.

Learn to form useful habits to manage stress, getting a better quality of sleep and taking care of yourself.
You always spend a lot of time helping others, but now its time to take care of your hectic lifestyle.
Choose to be healthier in every area of life: Physically, Mentally and Emotionally.

Yes! Your coach will provide basic nutritional education and planning depending on your program type.

To be clear, fitness training is related to exercise plans only, and nutrition includes diet. No professional fitness trainer could provide both at a price of one.

FitOnline have three plans,
1)  Personal Training plan
2)  Personal Nutrition plan
3)  Combo plan

If you opt for combo plan, you will get both personal nutrition and workout plans.

Seriously, the answer is “ NO”. Fitness is not at all difficult for anyone. 

When you will opt for our fitness training program, part of information you’ll give us is your current exercise habits. We will design a fitness program according to your current level.

For example, if you don’t do any regular exercise, we will start with adding small and easy daily exercises in your daily routine. Might be like, taking the stairs instead of lift at work etc.
It isn’t necessary to have a gym membership either. We’ll tailor your program according to your needs and requirements.

If you exercise on regular basis then it’s a good thing. You should be proud of yourself.

We can help you to get your fresh perspective of your workout. It might be the case that you have reached to plateau and you’re not seeing any results from your current training program? When you realise, you have noticed that you are following same and same routine over and over again?

If that is the case Fit-Online will help you to find your ideal and new training routine at your doorstep.

Or if you think your fitness program is the best then we are not forcing you to opt for our training program.
Then you can focus on nutrition program and follow your own workout plan. 

If you are still confused, you can get free counselling at anytime here.

Fit-Online personal training program is perfect and ideal for all travellers or for people who travel often. Thats the beauty of our work.

We can develop full body workout for you doesn’t matter wherever you are. Moreover, Fit-Online personal trainer is available to motivate you-anytime and anywhere.

Our goal is to provide clients their fitness or nutrition training program as soon as possible.

Generally to make personal program for an individual it takes about 2-3 days from enrolment.Sometimes, client may has highly specific needs and requirements, so it might takes up to 4-5 days to fulfil their all needs.

In Fit-Online, our goal is to get in touch with our clients through whatsapp, messenger, phone-call or any other social media, so they can share their photos of results and share their personal needs.
We try our best to get in touch with you as easy as possible. We don’t want our clients to get confused in technical stuffs.
*Remember, Fit-Online won’t share your personal details and data with anyone you can read our privacy policy here.

This is the question which every trainer receives from almost every other clients. Trainers or fitness gurus who scams for claiming that they can make you fit within a certain time frame are misleading. They are only playing with your health and with your body, they usually try their own test on your body.

In contrary these kind of frameworks has created faulty and hopelessness culture in fitness industry.
The time period in which you will get to see results is depends on your works and efforts. But don’t worry, work of Perfect Online fitness trainer is to help you with right kind of motivation and dedication until you get results.

They are also depends on several other factors like:
• genetic disposition
• physiological adaptation (how fast your body adapt new exercise)
• consistency and efforts you apply
• proper caloric intake (diet)
• nutritional quality
• your fitness goal
• what’s your present condition is ?

Fit-Online is ready to help you out anytime and anywhere, You make the effort and Fit online will guarantee the results.

The one of the benefit you get while working with Fit-online is our adaptability to design your personal program according to your needs and lifestyle.
Probably this would be the case when so busy with your daily lifestyle or you travel allot or simply do not want to join any gym. While gym is very helpful to achieve your fitness goal and adds up a variety in your workout.
But no need to worry until and unless we are here to help you out – all programs are designed according to the resources you have (we’ll never force you to change your lifestyle).

We fit-online encourage the communication between our clients and trainer. Phone/video calls (as preferred) should be a scheduled appointment based on your requirements.
Our goal here is to deliver best training experience and that is the reason we accept limited clients at a time.

Our trainer will try to help you out with your questions within the one hour (only on chat).  Can be any type of direct message.

We don’t like to see our customers leave us in between the program. But you can cancel your subscription anytime if you want through a written application-E-mail. 

You should be willing to help yourself, and have patience before making any decision. We are always ready to help your out with your query and try our best to resolve your problems as soon as possible.

But if you don’t want to put some efforts and expect results soon, then it is a problem. We are always ready to help you out in any kind of circumstances, whether you are loosing out your motivation, or your fitness goal. 

You should be willing to work and put efforts, we guarantee the success.
NOTE: If you want to cancel your subscription please read the term and conditions.

We believe that “money back guarantee” is old technique to attract a lot of customers. Companies which offers these kind of deals, simply means that they don’t believe in their own services.
Fit-Online believe in its services and in their trainers. So we do not offer you money back guarantee. For more info please read terms and conditions.

Moreover, if you are enrolling in our training program you should be mentally prepare yourself to work with dedication and put your best. 

So before you enrol please ask these question to yourself, if you get all the answers “yes” then Fit Online Training Program is best for you:

• Am I sick with my old routine and practice, without getting any results ?
• Am I committed with my fitness goal and seeking the right trainer to help me out ?
• Do I really want someone to get me fit and understand my condition ?
• Do I need new and easy workout or diet plans ?
• Do I need professional trainer and nutritionist to motivate me?

If you get all “YES”. The go ahead, enrol now to achieve your fitness goal Here.

Absolutely YES!
We would be glad to speak with you and guide you according to your personal needs. 

If you want to get the answer of your questions personally related to our programs, prices, services, fitness, nutrition or want to consult your fitness goals.
Please contact here: Contact Us

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