health benefits of eating at night

Health Benefits of Eating Before the Bed

Health benefits of Eating at Night

Eating right before bed can actually be good for your health.

At this point some of you may get disagree with me because of the saying “eating before bed leads to weight gain”. Or some of you heard that eating carbs at night is bad for your health.

“Do not eat after 7 or 8 pm, all the food is going to store as a fat in your body.” Maybe you have heard these quite a number of times.

With due respect to you and all other nutritionists out there, I disagree with these two statements. The truth is nothings happen after 7pm.

Eating before bed is a controversial topic, some believe that eating at night is good for weight loss, and other believes it’s bad for overall health. There are many other myths out there in the fitness market.

But, where did these myths come from?

This myth comes from mindless health experts. Generally, people say that they are not much active (or working) during the night and body burns fewer calories.

Another theory says that it’s the dinner time when you most likely to eat more calories. Lot of people eat dinner while watching TV or while using social media on phone.

Now, it’s time to break this myth. Eating right at night or having a small healthy meal right before the bed is good for you. It’s overeating and junk eating at night that makes you gain more weight. Which may lead to health issues in near future.

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1) Eating before bed helps in weight loss

Yes, you read it right, some studies show that eating at night may help you to lose weight. It is preferred to eat at regular intervals which stables your blood sugar level and prevents fat storage.

If you are a type of person who loves to eat at bed before sleeping, you can have a light snack just before you fall asleep. It boosts up your metabolism in the right direction.

This statement is true as our body grows at night while we sleep. During that time if your body Is filled with good nutritious food, you may get extra benefits out of that in the night. So it’s true that eating at just before the bed helps you loose weight. You can have a light snack like milk + almonds, apples, and high-quality popcorn or you can have the one spoon of Desi-Ghee.

2) Have a good night sleep

We all know why natural sleep is important for us in terms of health. But have you ever tried of sleeping empty stomach? It’s fairly difficult.

Not much research has been done on sleep but many people reported that eating carbs at night helps you to have a god night sleep.

Reason behind this simple as in today’s fast based life our stress level gradually goes up, which means increase in cortisol level. Carbs helps you to lower down your cortisol level and release more serotonin which helps you to boost your mood.

Don’t worry about weight gain, as there is no such evidence of gaining weight at night by eating carbs, until and unless your daily calories are under maintenance.  

Therefore, eating light snack before going to the bed helps you to fall asleep faster and have a great night sleep.

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3) Fill Up your nutrients

A healthy bedtime snack can give you a boost in your daily nutrient intake. We all are busy in the day and sometimes not be able to take proper diet on time, so next time whenever you’re having a busy day try bedtime nutrition (snack).

Now you get the point that eating before the bed is not bad thing, but eating junk and sugary food isn’t really a good idea. As most of the packed food contains sugar which may lead to overeating.

Try not to fill yourself with junk, packed, and high-calorie food. Have a healthy diet plan and a nutritious snack. If you want to control your eating habits and switch to a new healthy lifestyle, you may consider to hire your personal nutrition coach. Who will guide you to achieve your personal fitness goals in a much healthier way?

Nutritionist may help you transform your lifestyle and make fitness journey a lifelong journey. If you want your personal nutrition and diet plan at an affordable price, don’t forget to visit at Fit Online.

4) Build Muscle while asleep

There is a myth about eating at night before bed is that food don’t digest while sleeping.

This is not true, while you asleep body doesn’t stop working, it continues to digest food and supply vitamins to blood.

Researches support the muscle building formula of eating casein protein meals before going to bed. Casein takes more time to digest and while you asleep it helps you to boost your muscle building at night.

Studies shows that at night protein helps you to repair, grow and maintain your muscle recovery after workout. So next time when someone tells you not to eat at night, I request you to guide them in the right direction with the proof of this article. Now you are smart enough to break the myth of eating at night.

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