How to add a good workout plan in your busy schedule

How to add a Good Workout in your Busy Schedule?

What if I prove you that there is a way to workout in a busy schedule? Yes, I agree with most of you saying “Finding time to work out in a busy schedule is nearly impossible”.

Most of you are doing approximately eight hours of work every day, eight hours of sleeping and other couples of hours doing small tasks like showering, cooking, commuting, etc. This schedule can make you feel scary but that’s true, and it’s also true that finding time to work out in this hectic schedule is quite hard. But today we will figure out a way to add a good workout in your busy schedule.

Beginning may seem tough & hard, but practise is the key which makes us successful in life. In this article we will be learning about how to add a good workout in your bust life schedule?

Managing your busy life can be hard and dealing with a busy schedule, & eradicate lifestyle, it’s easy to forget about working out. Living a healthy life is a life journey, and you must know how to be healthy on daily basis no matter how busy you are.

Top 5 tips to add a good workout in your busy schedule

1. Prefer small workout over large workouts

If you so busy with your daily life schedule then you should focus more on small workout rather than on one large workout. Doing small but more workouts throughout the day may help you to be more active mentally and physically every day.

This method is personally used and suggested by many certified personal trainers. A small workout can be of 10-20 minutes, but when you do 3-5 small workout, It will make a huge difference in your daily life schedule. This will definitely will make you feel happier, confident and active.


Let’s say you want to lose weight in next 90 days, but you are so busy with your daily life that it makes you lazy and your mind always try to procrastinate especially when it comes to going to the gym.

Remember the gym is not the only place which helps you to lose weight faster. Losing weight is easy only if you know how to do it in the right way. Himanshu Vaid (-personal trainer at says that you can lose weight anywhere and at any time. It can be your office, park, home or work-space, you just need a strong desire and few action steps.

Start to find small gaps between your busy schedule, it can be somewhere between 10-20 mins. Start a small exercise like running, jogging, cycling, jumping, push-ups, burpees, squats, etc. You can choose to add these exercises in your busy schedule, moreover you can perform these exercises anywhere, and anytime. Try to do these exercises 4-5 times a day.

talk while walking to be healthy and active

2. Walking while making a phone call

This technique works best if you are a salesman. Instead of calling on your office desk, try to go out and talk to the person on the call while walking. This will make you moving while you are enjoying your work. More than that, this may help you to feel more relaxed, confident and peaceful while talking on the phone, in short this will help you to close your deal faster.

You can also choose to walk while meeting someone face to face. Just ask them to have a conversation while walking. This will add a small walk in your busy schedule which will keep you active.


Let’s assume that you have to make calls every second of the day, but while sitting on the desk. In order to be healthy and active, try to walk while talking on the phone. So, next time whenever you get a call go out in the park, or on the balcony while making your sales pitch.

3. Stairs will keep you active

There is no doubt that if you want to add a good exercise of quads, hamstring and glutes in your busy life schedule, you must go for stairs. Climbing stairs is one of the best ways to work out in your busy life.  

I personally suggest you to skip the lift and take the stairs. No matter what the height of the building, make a habit of taking stairs over other options, or at least take stairs for half of your journey. Sometimes taking stairs is bit more challenging, but remember it will allow you to burn more calories or fat.

Even if you are getting late to attend meeting with your boss, there are two choices for you, first one is to wait for an elevator and fill your mind with outcomes of getting late in front of the boss (which is also known as overthinking), second choice is to start running on the stairs. According to me, second method is best because exercise will help you to reduce your stress level, and makes you feel happier. Moreover, you can give an excuse of stairs to your boss 😉.

4. Exercise at your Desk

Imagine the situation that you are working hard at your office desk and suddenly you started to feel sleepy. Let’s find out what you can do to instantly energize yourself? Is there any kind of exercise that you can perform while sitting?

Yes, there are tons of different exercises which will help you stay active and they can be a part of your workout routine in your busy life. It’s mind, body and spirit approach which will help you to stay positive and give your best at work.

In this video, Caroline Jordon, (Health and Fitness Youtuber) suggests some of the best exercises that you can add as a good workout while working in your office.

5. Use a Bicycle or Park your Car away

Use bicycle over a bike or a scooter. Especially if you are Indian, this is the best way to keep yourself healthy while heading to work. Avoid having a two-wheeler everywhere you go, instead use a bicycle. This will also save your lot of time, energy and money.

If you are going for a grocery shopping chose to use a cycle. There are many benefits of cycle, such as:

  • Easy to ride and less prone to injury.
  • A good muscle workout.
  • Good for your heart and blood flow.
  • Increase your strength and stamina.
  • Fun way to get in shape.
  • Saves a lot of time and money of fuel.
  • Reduces stress level.
  • Helps in good posture.

But what if you don’t have access to cycle?

In that case, you must follow one block rule. Park your car a block away from your final destination. This will allow you to walk more and gives you some extra walking time. Walking even for a minute or two reduces the chances of your weight gain.

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Bonus Tip

Always remember that workout is not the only thing which will help you to achieve your fitness goals. There is something more and needs your focus. Can you guess it?

Yes, you guessed it right, Diet. Diet or Nutrition also plays an important role when it comes to your overall health and fitness. Adding a good nutrition plan is as important as adding a good workout in your busy life. But we will cover the nutrition topic in the next blog, so stay tune to Fit-Online Blog and stay healthy.

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