How to be healthy while working on your dreams

How to be Healthy while Working on Your Dreams?

Health helps you to be Successful

Working hard to turn your dreams into reality? Working to become a leader?

If yes, then sure you are so busy right now. You are busy in finding more opportunities, goals, happiness, income source, and your relationship partner. If you are busy doing such things, then yes you will succeed one day.

But wait what about your Health? Do you really give time to your body or not? Which lifestyle currently you have – Healthy lifestyle or a Hectic lifestyle?

Most of the people never ask these questions until they actually faced a health problem. And that’s the biggest problem with everyone out there who are working to achieve their dreams. Health becomes our second priority and sometime we forgot to spend time on their own body.

As Online Personal Fitness Trainer and Nutritionist, I have seen that we all become so busy and always occupied with our work schedules that we forgot to take care of ourselves.

So, Is there any way out? Can we be healthy while working on our dreams and chasing our goals?

The answer is yes. There are many ways to be healthy in your busy schedule. Health doesn’t require all of your time, but it does require discipline every day.

If you are struggling to keep your body and mind healthy, then this article may help you to be fit in your crazy hectic schedule. This advice may give your life a new direction.

How to be healthy and achieve your goals

5 Ways To Be Healthy While Chasing Your Dreams

1) Less Quantity, More Quality

When it comes to eating in your busy day schedule, you should consider to eat in less quantity but more quality food.

When we are obsessed with our dreams, we don’t really care about what we are eating. And we end up with overeating. So, make sure you also take note of what you are eating all day long. Believe me, your eating habits really can make a huge difference in your life.

Here Quality food means the food which gives you energy for a longer period of time. Try to make simple and nutritious breakfast priority. The best tip any nutritionist can give is not to miss the first meal of the day, many people chose to rush to work rather than eating breakfast.

Healthy Quality foods can be:

  • Oatmeal
  • Eggs and Bread
  • Avocado Toast
  • Apple and Cereals
  • Yogurt
  • Coffee
  • Seeds and Nuts
  • Protein Shake

Make sure you eat these foods in less quantity, or they may make you lazy and feel bloated.

2) Drink More H2O

We all know why water is essential for humans, but very few people know why it plays an important role in our life.

People at work love to drink coffee all day long to keep themselves energised. But intake of caffeine more than 300mg (about two to three cups of coffee) may negatively affect your body.

You should consider to drink more water than any other drink. Water literally removes toxins from your body. Here’s a tip to drink more water, carry a small half litre water bottle with you always, so whenever you feel like to drink something your hand reaches out to your bottle.

Empty your water bottle seven to eight time a day. Try this and you’ll be amazed by the results of drinking water over coffee.

Maintain health in busy schedule

3) Walk, Run and Climb

Being a master of your own destiny, you should know that small steps can really make a huge difference one day. Only eating healthy will not give you required energy, means you have to put some work and efforts.

Try to walk whenever you get a chance. You can walk while talking to someone on phone or face to face. Walk and count your steps daily (you can do this with any fitness app), and at the end of the day measure it with your past record.

If you don’t like to walk while talking then you may run for 10-20 minutes daily. Another tip to be healthy and fit while working towards your goals is to take stairs always. When I say always, I mean “always” – no matter at which floor you have to go, chose stairs.

4) Focus on Your Sleep

Always being busy during the day may affect your health and the quality of your sleep at night. Not enough sleep means less efficiency.

Make sure to have a good night ritual. Which includes a comfortable place to sleep, cold room temperature, and a peaceful environment. It is always preferable to go to bed early and wake up early.

There is a saying like you can’t be successful in life if you wake up after the sun rises. Try to wake up every morning at the same time.

If you want to learn more about natural sleep then read how to have a good night sleep?

The last best tip for you sleep is not to rush immediately after waking up, rather practice some affirmation and visualization techniques. If you want to win your day, then you must have a peaceful night as well as a peaceful morning.

5) Best Personal Trainer

If you are so busy working towards your dreams then you may consider to have an online personal trainer.

A personal trainer may help you to design you daily health routine, which includes both physical health and mental health. As an achiever you already know the fact that how important mental health is in achieving your dreams and goals in life. Mindset is everything.

A good personal trainer helps you to have a good diet and fitness routine. They make your fitness plan according to your personal schedule.

If you really want to achieve your dreams and want to outsource your health to a professional fitness planner, then you can hire the best and affordable personal coach at Trust me a personal fitness trainer really helps you to focus and work on your dreams rather than spending time on your health and fitness.

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