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How to Gain Natural Muscle Mass Fast?

Gain Natural Muscle Fast

We all know that the heavier you lift, the stronger your muscle will get, which means more natural muscle mass. Lifting heavy can help you to build muscle but fewer lifters know the science behind it. To get most out of your workouts, you should know how things work!

I think I get it, you all want to be a bodybuilder, power lifter and superheroes in just one day. What if I say you can be like them, fortunately not in one day but over a period of time. Trust me gaining muscle mass is not that hard. You just need to focus on your goal, put some time, dedication and discipline.

When it comes to gaining muscle fast, there are lots of information out there. But not one size fits all. We all are different in some way – we all have different body structure and different genetics. if you are working out on a regular basis and not getting the results you want, then first you should stop worrying about results and start focussing again on your goals. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to figure out why you are not getting the results.

In this article we are covering these frequently asked questions:

1) How to build muscle fast?

2) Gaining muscle easy or not?

3) Can we build muscle naturally?

4) Is it all about training and nutrition?

Best Way to Build Muscle Fast

There are a number of factors that affects muscle building. But the three basic building blocks of gaining muscle fast are Exercise, Nutrition and Rest. In today’s extra large society everyone has their own opinion about bodybuilding and muscle gain. Most of them are having lack of knowledge and experience. These people say it’s all about protein-protein-protein.

Wait! I am not saying these people are nuts, Yes protein is the key nutrient in gaining muscle size, but in addition to gain size you need more calories and you should also consider carbohydrates and fats. A complete balanced diet includes a good combination of Protein, Carbohydrates and Fats.

Remember nutrition is the key so first step is to calculate your calories intake. Use your maintenance calorie and add extra 500-750 calorie in it, to gain muscle mass. Calculate it here!

How to Gain Muscle Mass?

1) Focus On Strength First:

Keep the foundation strong, the best body builders ever existed were strong. Rather than focussing on gaining ‘x’ amount of muscle mass, put some energy on building strength – work on getting stronger. Improve your body ability to recruit muscle fiber, because strength is size.

Shoot for the specific increased weights every week. Try to lift more than before. At same time learn how your body responding after the workout. Try this for about two to three months before changing your workout plan. Strength training makes your muscle building goals clear and achievable in short period of time.

Try to record your daily during and after workout feelings in a daily journal. Keep monitor your progress daily. Keep a track of your weights and strength. Focus equally on upper-body as well as on lower-body.

Gain strength on upper-body push-ups (like: Bench Press) and Upper-body pull-ups (like: Chin-ups). Lower body workout like deadlifts and heavy squats.

Strength Training by

Some variables that you should focus on for growth:

  • Intensity:

Ask any professional personal trainer, they’ll tell you Intense training is the best way to grow muscle size fast and easily. Which is 100% true. Intense is calculated as number of repetitions you can do with given weights. Heavier the weight, fewer reps you can do to break muscle.

Ideal rep range for gaining is 6-12 reps. With maximum amount of weight, you can lift till failure. Lifting weight is fun but never do ego lifting. In that case you may damage your muscle permanently. Six to twelve reps with multiple sets helps to reduce your fat and increase muscle size.

Remember, do not over train your body. Over training is very real thing and serious problem specially in youth. It’s sets up a road block for many people. We always think more is better, our society teaches us to think in that way.

When it comes to training more is not better, only the right amount of training is better. Focus on quality workout rather than on quantity workout. Find the balance between overtraining and undertraining.

Bring high level of focus in your workouts and train smart. An ideal workout is of 40 minutes (excluding warm up sets).

  • volume:

When it comes to hypertrophy (muscle growth) multiple sets are much better than single set protocol. Hitting your muscle with different exercises is great formula. Allow yourself to train one or two body parts per day.

Since you are hitting your muscle on weekly basis, means your recovery period goes up, you should focus on intensity of workout and soreness of muscle. The heavier the tension on your muscle is the stronger it will be.

  • Compound Movements:

There are tons of exercises to choose for growth and gaining. But the best exercises are those which focuses on compound movements rather than on isolation movements. If you are beginner try to split your workout training in large body parts such as Chest, Back and Legs.

Train multiple muscles at a time by doing compound exercises. Like Squats, Bench Press, Deadlifts, Barbell Row, Overhead Presses. Include tons of Push ups, Dips and Pull Ups in your weekly workout routine. Use of barbell helps you to gain more strength and boost your testosterone level. It triggers more muscle and more growth. Start with light weight and make sure your farm is correct to avoid injuries.

  • Rest Intervals:

Breaking your muscle in the gym and taking the right nutrition after that is great but your body and your muscle needs rest.

Rest intervals between the sets helps you to recover in small period of time. Releases your stored energy. Optimal rest intervals in your sets depends upon the goal you have and the way you are training. Like if you are doing strength training then you require more amount of rest as compared to muscle building training.

Rest period can be classified into three categories: 1) Short (30 seconds or less) 2) Moderate (60-90 seconds) 3) Long (more than 3 minutes). Short rest time may not allow your body to regain strength fast and makes constant stress on your muscle. Whereas moderate amount of rest is best for gaining and building muscle. It helps you to recover and provides you the stored energy. To get stronger faster the best time interval is long. It takes about 3 minutes to completely recover your energy stores.

  • Training till Failure:

When a muscle is no longer to produce enough force to lift given weight is known as a failure. Training till failure is good for intermediate and advance, but not for beginners at all. Training till failure activates your all type of fibers, which increase stress on your muscle and leads to gain. Remember if it’s paining, that means it’s gaining.

What if I am skinny?

“Building Muscle Naturally” this can be difficult for the skinny guys like me.

I struggled to gain muscle weight most of my teenage and wasted my 3 years in the gym. I have taken coaching from all type of trainer out there in the gyms. But the reality is most of them are not certified and they only have some basic knowledge about health and muscle building.

Yes, I hired my personal fitness coach

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Online Personal Trainers at teaches me the way my body works. Fit Online help me to understand my fitness goals and they work together to make that goal reality. It was the best decision of my life. It works as a game-changing plan for me. In this course of 90 days, fit online makes you clearly define your goals and helps you personally in building your physical and mental strength.

2) Nutrition is the Key:

Nutrition is the critical if you want to gain lean body mass. It is important to note that if your training is great but you are not focusing on proper nutrition intake, then you may struggle for your gain.

Every minute your body breaks down tissues and replace them with new ones made up of the food you eat. I think now you get the idea of how nutrition plays an important role in our daily life. Even bones get replaced by new ones in every 10 years.

When you work out, your body breaks muscles, which takes enough amount of energy to make you tired.

Most people often make a mistake of restricting calories and eating only high protein diet. Generally, they underestimate the carbohydrates and fats. If your goals are to gain leans muscle mass, you should workout at least 3-5 times a week. Which means you need energy to workout properly. You have to keep your calories intake high.

Nutrition is the Key

So here are some tips to keep your nutrition right and gain some lean weight:

  • Eat Protein:

Yes, protein…….

you probably be like “We know that, Tell us something new”.

OK, you are knowledgeable enough to know that but do you know the reason behind it?

Don’t worry it’s easy to understand why protein rich diet is important. Protein plays an important role in every cell of our body. Our Hairs and Nails are also made of protein. It’s also an important building block of muscles, tissues, skin, blood, hormones and cartilages.

Protein comes under the macro nutrient, which means you need it in large amount. So, how much protein do we need?

We need less amount of protein but it should be high quality protein. One gram of protein per pound of bodyweight is enough anyone who wants to build muscle naturally.

Some high quality of protein sources are:

  • Eggs
  • Chicken Breast
  • Salmon and tuna
  • Lean Meat
  • Soybean and tofu or paneer
  • Greek yoghurt
  • Beans
  • Legumes
  • Whey Protein
  • Dairy Protein
  • Quinoa
  • Chickpeas
  • Eat Carbohydrates:

There are many misconceptions about eating carbs. Most of the people believe that carbs are bad. Dietician Himanshu says, there many varieties of carbohydrates out there, not all carbs are bad. There must be high quality carbs in your diet with perfect balance of quantity.

Generally, there are three types of carbs found in food: 1) Sugar 2) Starch 3) Fibre

Find out more about carbs here.

Carbs must be the body’s main source of energy in a perfect balanced diet. First, they are broken into glucose before entering into the blood stream. When you workout glucose is used by the body as a fuel to keep you on track. But here is a twist, if you eat more carbs body store as a fat for later use.

Get Your Personal Carbohydrate guidelines here.

Taking carbs are not bad if you tracking your intake limit. If you work out properly and you are having a healthy active routine, Carbs will not be converted into fat.

  • Eat Fats:

Fats is the essential macro-nutrient, though it is also bad to eat too many.

Fats contain carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen in percentage of 76, 12 and 12 respectively. We need fats to keep our body healthy, hair, skin, face, and necessary for body functioning. They keep us warm and protect our organs. Also helps in production of hormone.

Different type of fats acts differently inside our body. There are three types of fats:

1) saturated fat: Intake of this can increase the chances of heart diseases, due to increase in cholesterol in the blood. Normally founds in fast food, pastries and biscuits.

2) polyunsaturated fat: helps in lowering your blood cholesterol level. They are slightly better than mono unsaturated fats.

3) mono-unsaturated fat: They also helps to reducing the cholesterol level. They are essential in diet but the quantity of intake should be limited.

3) Benefits of Rest:

For many years sleep was underestimated and ignored by doctors. But now we understand the importance of sleep to regain our energy, and overall health.

For an example, lets say if you sleep for anywhere around 7 to 8 hours, then many-many congratulations you are not greater risk of developing diseases.

Muscle building (our main goal), in this sleep works the best. When we go to the gym and hit harder, sleep helps us to recover our depleted energy and gaining more muscle mass. Sleep is the anabolic period in which our body grows faster. Does not matter what’s your fitness goal is you need rest to regain your energy and muscles.

Benefits of rest and sleep in muscle gain

There are many other benefits of sleep, like-

  • Reduces Stress: When you sleep fewer days after days, the stress level goes up. You started to lose your control over your mind and body, which leads to anger, agony, and regret.
  • Healthy Heart: Lack of sleep may increase your cholesterol levels, blood sugar level, and may become the cause of high Blood Pressure. Strokes and Heart attack most likely to occur in the morning.
  • Improves Memory: There is no doubt that rest makes you better looking and attractive, but more than that it helps to improve your memory. When you wake up with unstoppable energy and feeling refreshed is the best feeling anyone can get.


In the end I just want to say that if you are skinny and want build more muscle mass quickly, then you should spend some time on these three pillars of bodybuilding. Which are Exercise, Nutrition and Rest.

Keep working hard, don’t worry about your gains. There always be hard times of plateaus, hard gaining and injuries. But stay motivated keep focusing on your goals and dreams. You will achieve them sooner or later, but never give up.


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