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How to have a Healthy Skin this Summer?

Have a Healthy and Glowing Skin this Summer

Do you know which is the largest organ of our body?  Yes, you guessed it right, Skin. It prevents us from all kind of outside elements.

More than that your skin defines how you’ll look. I know, today you are looking so handsome brother, but if you want to keep that glow for long period you definitely need to take care of it.

Summer is a time of the year when nimbu-pani is available everywhere. It’s time to test how healthy your skin is? Pollution and that sunny day won’t really help you to pass this test. Taking away your natural glow, leaving that oil, and dullness.

How sun affects our healthy skin?

Specialist says, high temperature means time to change your old skin care routine. Sunlight can be harsh for our body if we don’t take it seriously.

Summer makes the skin looks more oilier, dull and rough, as heat causes more pores to open.

Now you get the idea that too much sunlight is bad for our skin. It’s not just about sun tanning, sun rays can lead to ageing too. This is the main reason why sunscreen is recommended especially in summers.

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Tips to have a Healthy Skin this Summer

1) Never afraid to change when it comes to face wash

Your face is your identity and you should consider it to be clear, glowing, and free from pimple. In simple words you should take care of it 365 days of the year.

Summer months really needs a good skin care routine. In these months we all sweat a lot, which means more dusty and oily face.

As we move from winter to summer, it is recommended to change face wash. In winter mild and nutritious face wash works best, while in summers go for the face wash that removes all excess oil and rejuvenate your skin.

Best rule to have a good-looking face is to wash it with a good facewash at least twice a day. Once before going to bed and in the morning. If you are someone who sweats a lot because of any sports activity then no need to use face wash all the time, clean cold water is just fine.

2) Keep yourself hydrated

Drink more water. It is the simplest tip to have a healthy skin. Have you ever seen a water less flower?

Yes, you are a flower. You need to hydrate yourself so that your skin doesn’t look like old, and dry. But this doesn’t mean you just drink litres and litres of water at one go. You need to maintain a proper hydration level throughout the day.

Avoid to drink caffeine, instead use lemon. Lemon is a good source of vitamin-c, which helps you to look hydrated, and improves your natural glow. Drink lots of water, at least 8-10 glass per day. If you work out daily, add 3-4 extra glass of water.

3) Eat Healthy Food

Eat a healthy diet. There is direct relation between what you put inside your body and how you look outside. Let’s break it down if you eat dirty, you’ll look dirty. If you drink alcohol and smoke, you’ll look like a crap.

It’s not much complicated, you just need to reduce your packed food intake and control your processed sugar intake. Literally try to eat healthy and see the changes in your skin. Your skin will thank you.

Be aware of what you are eating all day long, you are what you eat. Take a diary and start writing every time you eat something. At the end of the day rate yourself on the scale of 1-10.

Believe me, the right diet can change the way you look and feel. If you want a personal nutrition coach to design your diet plan according to your habits then visit here: Best Personal Nutritionist.

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4) Treat skin Gently

Make sure to remove all the extra face chemicals before going to the bed. Your skin needs to breathe freely overnight to grow and glow.

Never underestimate the power of grandma! Try to use more natural remedies instead of chemicals. Let’s say if you want to keep your skin fresh, you don’t need to always use specific type of facewash. Instead you can go for lemon, tomato or natural rose water. Treat your skin gently. The more you take of it the more it will take care of you.

Try avoid long bath times. Long showers may remove your good and healthy skin cells. Which again makes you look dull. Taking care is good thing but do not over do it. Give your skin time and stop using different kinds of chemical products on it. Believe me or not when you stop worrying about it, your skin starts to heal fast.

5) Body Protection

Last tip of the day is protection against the sun. Even if you go out during the day just for walk or for running, jumping or playing in the sun, sunrays damages your skin.

Water is going to hydrate you from inside but you need to be hydrated from outside. A great daily moisturiser or sunscreen will protect you against the harmful rays and keeps you hydrated from outside.

Trust and give it a try, you will notice a great difference and feel more comfortable. But don’t go for extra oily moisturiser or sunscreen so you don’t look greasy.

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