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How to Increase your Push Ups Strength Every Day?

Do you know what’s a difference in incredibly healthy people? They don’t lift heavy to get stronger, instead they focus on foundation movements or exercises.

Push Ups are foundation of your upper body. They are a great starter for any exercise you perform. Push Ups are one of the best exercises to stay fit or healthy, more important is that they don’t require a lot of time. But many people struggle to do push ups.

It’s true that no one coaches you the ways to increase push ups strength. It is assumed that anyone can increase their push ups count on their own. This exercise is totally underestimated by most of the people.

If you are also facing hard time to increase your push ups counts the you don’t need to worry, this article will help you to increase you push ups strength every day.

Maybe you are wondering why push ups are foundation of strength?

Whether you are working out with kids, adults, men or women, or with a pro athlete, push ups are the most commonly used bodyweight training. It is highly effective for your upper body. Push Ups are not only targeting your chest, triceps, upper back, and shoulder but it also helps in having a good posture. This is the reason why push ups should be an important part of your training routine.  

In order to increase your push ups count every day, you must have to be in discipline and consistent. Now the question is how to make exercise a habit?

Believe me, it’s easy to make anything a habit or a part of your lifestyle. The more consistent action is, the more likely it will be a part of your everyday habit. The first step in making push-ups a habit is to chose your favorite time to perform them every single day. Once you follow your favorite time to perform push-ups then I can say that you are on the right track.

How to do Push Ups?

Before increasing your push up strength you must learn how to do a push up perfectly.

Step 1. Position your hands-on floor. Your hands should be as wide as your shoulder width.

Step 2. Make sure to keep your feet together.

Step 3. Try to put your chest out. Which makes your back straight and core tight.

Step 4. Go down and try to touch your chest to surface of the floor.

Step 5. Gradually come up by pushing your hands away from your body.

This is the best and the easiest way to perform push-ups. You can do this exercise anywhere, whether in a gym or at home. Now, it’s time to know the benefits of doing push-ups.

Best way to do push ups

Benefits of Doing Push Ups:

A. Upper Body Activation

As you go down and come up while performing push ups, you can start to feel the burn in your chest and other muscles. The more burn you will feel means more activation of upper body. After doing five to ten reps od push ups you can feel the pump in your upper body.

As you engage in this exercise, every major muscle group will be pumped after you finish it. This is a compound movement try to add this exercise before starting any other weight lifting exercise. Compound exercise means when you train multiple muscles groups together. This is the reason why push ups are harder as compared to your regular bench press.

B. Improve Posture

Now a days it’s normal to have bad posture, thanks to our smart phones and our eating habits. Performing Push ups help you to have a good posture. Being health conscious person, you should know that importance of our spine, push ups helps to regulate the blood and liquid in spine. Another reason of bad posture is not having a strong core. As mentioned above it helps in strengthen up the core muscles.

C.  Protect from Shoulder Injury

Rotator cuff injury is the most common among all other injuries in the gym. Shoulder muscles are attached to all upper body muscles like chest, biceps, triceps, and back. Standard push ups are found to be the best way to protect your shoulder from an injury. Especially in adults, push ups may help you to stretch your upper body muscles and proper mobility of shoulder.

D. Build Muscles Strength

It’s clear that push ups help to increase muscle strength. Exercise and nutrition help to maintain muscle strength even in the old age. As with age, your body start to lose muscle density and burns more energy. Advantage of push ups is that it will help you to maintain your bone and muscle density.

How to Increase your Push Ups Every Day?

1. Go for Incline Push Ups

This will be the best tips for beginners. If standard push ups are hard for you then you should give a try to incline push ups. They are usually easy and doesn’t require much power. This push ups are also great for women’s as they generally have less upper body power as compared to men.

Incline push ups are not only helpful for beginners, but also, they are equally good for intermediates strength trainers. If you want to increase your push ups every day then you must switch to incline push ups after you failed to do standard push ups. Give this a try and believe me, it will gradually increase your push up strength and stamina.

2. Try Slow Negative Push Ups

Want an exponential growth in your standard push up? Then you must go for the slow negative ones. They are same as your standard push ups but only difference is of speed. In slow negatives you go down as slow as possible and come back up with same speed.

These are very helpful in increasing your push up count. Gives you more strength and may helps you in breaking your plateau. If possible, try to this push ups before going for your regular ones. It also pumps up your muscle’s fibres, which means increase in muscle size.

3. Use Timer to increase your count

When it comes to increase in push up strength, have you ever tried a timer method? I know the answer is ‘no’. Leave that old school method of doing push ups, a greater number of sets and repetitions. Instead switch to a new one, which is to set a timer and performing push ups till timer goes off.

Here is the step by step guide to perform timer push up method:

Step1. Set a timer for one minute. If it’s too easy for you then you can increase up to 3 minutes.

Step2. Start doing push ups till timer goes off. If you fail in between then don’t give up go for incline push ups. “Never Giving Up” is beauty of doing workout.

Step3. Rest in between your set, then again set that timer and achieve your push ups goals.

Try this and you’ll achieve your desired goal of doing push ups in small period of time. This is among the best techniques when it comes to increasing strength.

4. Changing your Meal Plan

Not always your workout will help you to achieve your fitness goals, sometimes changing your old diet plan may also help. Most people ignore their diet and focus more on their workout & gym routine. This is the biggest reason why most people struggle to achieve their fitness goals.

Here is the best diet tip to increase your pushups every day – add more protein in your diet and decrease the amount of carbs you take. Maybe because of that fat you failed to achieve your goals.

5. Maintain a Journal

Last tip to increase your push up counts is to have a journal. This might seem obvious but I want to ask you how many of you do really have a personal journal?

Purchase a journal and write down everything listed below:

1. Your Fitness Goals.

2. How you can achieve them?

3. What you’ll do to achieve them?

4. Where you stand right now in terms of fitness?

5. Every day count your push ups and write them down in journal.

Journaling is the technique which is very helpful and will make your goals come true. Be patient, stay in discipline and worry less, because there is a solution to every problem.

increase push ups strength evry day

Summary Points

  • Push ups are foundation exercises.
  • They are perfect for your upper body.
  • Make sure to perform push ups in perfect form.
  • Helps in upper body activation.
  • Helps in to gain more strength.
  • Helps to improve posture.
  • Protect from shoulder injury.
  • Try incline push ups.
  • Go for slow negatives.
  • Use timer method.
  • Change your diet plan.
  • Maintain a journal.

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