How to Stay Fit and Active While Working at Home in 2020

How to Stay Fit while Working from Home in 2020?

In the wake of this global pandemic in 2020, Working from home seems like a dream come true – avoiding traffic, and rushing metro stations. But working from home can present many different sets of challenges especially when it comes to working out and staying fit.

Let’s be true, no one likes to work out while sitting on your favorite couch. The tasty snacks in the kitchen or on your table lead to a lack of motivation to get up and start your daily workout routine.

One of Our Client shares his Personal Experience with staying fit while working from Home

Honestly, I have found it very difficult to maintain my level of fitness during this pandemic at home. With complete lockdown in India, I often find myself stuck in one room for days on end. It is very hard to motivate myself to go on the terrace for just a walk, especially when it is a hot summer day in Delhi.

It has become clear to me that I need to prioritize my health and wellness more. Building a daily routine that also promotes my well-being is a pretty hard thing to do until and unless you don’t know some pretty solid strategies and hacks. That’s what landed me here at Fit-Online (India’s best human personal training platform)

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What if we (Fit Online) tell you the easiest and the most practical ways to stay active and fit while working from home? We just have to add some healthy things in this new normal, but building new routines can be a small challenge for you. It may take some creative thinking and self-discipline to build new work from home habits, but it’s important for your physical and mental health.

I am going to share with you the strategies and hacks which are laid down by the professional personal trainers, home workout specialist, and dieticians on how to Stay Fit While Working from Home in 2020?

11 Ways to Stay Active and Fit when Working from Home

1. Time Blocking Method

Time blocking simply means planning your day in advance and dedicating specific hours of the day to accomplish specific tasks. Doing this requires determining in advance what you will accomplish and exactly when you will accomplish it.

In other words, setting this means you are giving yourself a time to start your task and a deadline to finish that task. If there’s one thing that can be said about the work from home, it is this: If you don’t control your daily schedule, it will control you.

A combination of this strategy with your daily workout routine can be helpful for your physical and mental health. To apply this method in your healthy work from home routine, you can plan your day in advance and write that on the piece of paper and stick that in front of your table.

Good advice would be to keep all the intense energy seeking task for the morning, for an example: your daily exercise or long meetings. This will also allow you to have full control of your day in your hand.

2. Start Your Day with a Walk

A morning walk is the best way to start your both busy and lazy day. Brisk walks offer a number of physical as well as mental health benefits. Like boosting your energy level, improve mood, and may help you lose weight.

It is simple and one of the easiest ways to manage your health during this 2020 pandemic lockdown. Even a short thirty-minute walk every morning can be more positive than you would believe. Studies shown that morning walks are a great weight loss method, beneficial to keeping bones strong, moreover reduces the risk of heart disease. It is a great addition to your fitness goal at home.

3. Workout with Partners

Catching up your spouse or roommate for a home workout is fun. Pushing each other to the next level is even better, this is the beauty of working out with partners. Getting active and taking part in regular exercise boosts both our physical and mental well-being.

If you don’t really like working out at home, then this is the best time to compete with your spouse to make sure you get a killer workout and a nutritious diet. A partner can also help you in building long term healthy and active habits at home.

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4. An Alarm can be Helpful

Alarms are a great way to get out of bed in the morning, but you can use them to build new healthier habits. Like setting up an alarm to exercise in the evening, or to eat a vegetable.

Give it a try for few days, or till it becomes the part of your daily routine. Doing this will help you to crave for the workout while working from home. You’ll feel more excited that you created a new positive habit, which will boost your self-confidence. Believe me, it is one of the most powerful stuff to be fit during this lockdown.

5. Give yourself Treat after Workout

If you are a beginner, you should know that working out daily won’t build your long-term habits. You need to focus on what you do after your workout session.

Start giving a small treat or reward your body after a good workout at home. In this way, you are training your brain to do more exercise daily. A treat can be a small chunk of chocolate, money (I know this can be silly but trust me it works), a small nap, or sleep, or you can post a story after your workout on your social media handle.

This technique is used by many great achievers to build their success habits in short period of time, because that’s how our brain works. Apply this technique and automate your brain to get fit and active at home.

6. Join Online Personal Training

Those of you who just don’t want to build habits on their own, then hiring a good personal trainer can help you to stay fit and active when working at home. There are so many good trainers who can help you to transform your old patterns of health, into a new active lifestyle.

Hiring a personal trainer is a great way to start doing exercises daily via live sessions. Your trainer will start keeping daily track of what you are going to eat and what you should have to eat, this is easiest way to build long term healthy and active habits because in this way you are answerable to your trainer.

Where to find such Online Personal Trainer for Home Workout?

If you are looking for a personal trainer and nutritionist who understands Indian Diet and Culture then Fit-Online (one of the most affordable human personal trainers in India)is the best platform to hire your trainer. We know exactly what we do and what people want from us.

Our goal is to help to struggle and working individuals to build healthier habits, follow fit diet plans, and maintain their mental health.

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7. Dance a little

We all love to dance on our favorite song, some people love to do in public and others alone at home. So why not use our dance skills to lose some weight and get fit at home?

Dance is now being popularized as a weight-loss routine, especially Zumba, and freestyle. Dance is a cardio exercise, which makes it ideal for fat loss with full enjoyment. It moves your full body, making it fit and flexible. Plus, the music makes you feel good.

There are many different types of dance forms, chose your personal favorite one so you’ll be less likely to drop out. Set up your routine steadily for positive progress.

8. Don’t order packed foods

The simplest way to eliminate unhealthily or junk food from your daily diet is to stop ordering packed or junk foods. If you don’t have it in the kitchen then you are not going to eat them while binge-watching.

There is no better way to handle cravings than stop order packed snacks and junk food ahead of time. If you have a healthy meal and snacks ready for you at lunchtime or in the afternoon, you’re far less likely to order a pizza, French fries, or the desert.

Tip: You can use Google or YouTube to find a recipe for a healthy snack or a healthy dessert and cook that by your own at home.

When you go shopping (online or offline), try to purchase items only from the healthy sections. This is a key step to transform your tongue into whole-grain food and fresh vegetables.

9. Eat more vegetables as a snack

Vegetables are a great source of healthy nutrients like fiber, potassium, and vitamin A, which plays a big role in helping people maintain weight.

There are so many different ways to make vegetables tastier, like making smoothies, or adding them to the home-made soup. Research has shown that people who eat soup daily they tend to eat fewer calories. Rather than opting for fried chips as a snack, you should go for chopped carrots, cucumber, lettuce with brown bread and peanut butter sandwich.

10. Ditch the couch and switch to a Chair

While working from home in 2020, we all love to attend meetings while sitting on the couch or a sofa. But when it comes to our health, the couch offers the worst sitting posture.

If you want to be fit and active then you have to ditch your couch and shift to a comfortable chair. If possible then the better option will be a standing desk. There is a saying now a day that sitting is like smoking cigarettes. Recent studies show that sitting more than four hours a day may increase the risk of death.

Don’t think that working out daily can undo the damage caused by sitting all day on the couch. The best advice is to get up and move in every 30 mins of sitting on the chair.

11. Meditation for a successful day

Checking your news or social feed within two minutes of waking up in the morning isn’t fun for the long-term. This may make you feel low, and overloaded before the day is even started, and then these feelings will follow you around for the whole day.

You should do meditation first thing in the morning. According to the research, meditation allows you to drop into a flow state, which helps you tackle difficult tasks with more ease. It can also help you feel more focused. The more you embrace morning meditation, the more you notice these benefits and feel good about how you control your days.

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In conclusion, you have two choices – one is to just complain about being a lazy and unhealthy lifestyle, the second choice is to go an add these strategies in your daily routine during this lockdown at home.

Although it’s easy to just sit and complain about being lazy, but trust me it is not fun. There are some hacks that you can use to add above listed habits in your work from home life, such as start one by one, be committed, be accountable to anyone close to you, and have patience. For more such amazing articles please stay tuned with Fit Online, stay safe, and live your life to the fullest, enjoy every moment of your life.

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