how to stay motivated and focused to be healthy

How to Stay Motivated to Be Healthy?

Would you like to know the sad truth about health and fitness? Truth about staying motivated to be healthy?

Everyone in this world has their sad days at work or in life. We all have to face those boring, stressful days. It’s sad truth about health that vast majority of people give up too early on their fitness goals. It’s hard to see your dreams dying in front of you. People who quit too early are the ones who lose their faith in themselves.

There can be so many reasons that people lose their motivation to be healthy and fit in life. Sometimes, it can happen because of no results, or maybe because of society’s judgments. Your parents may tell you about your impossible to achieve dreams. Another reason that you fail to stay on track is you, because of your higher expectations and bigger short-term goals you fail to achieve them.

In short, most people failed to achieve their fitness goals before they’ve even begun.

Why people quit too Early?

1. Higher Expectations and No Results

One of the biggest reasons why people quit when it comes to their fitness goals is that they expect more in short period of time. They set too big goals and wants to achieve them as early as possible. If you have started your fitness journey to be healthy as soon as possible, my dear friend then you are not on right path. You have to do something about it or you’ll fail to understand this life. Here, I didn’t mean to say that “do not set goals”. But what I really want to say is set right goals and have patience.

2. Fear of Judgment (what people will think)

The second reason why people fail to start healthy & fitness routine is because of society’s judgment. When you sabotage yourself, you can see the failure coming in front of you. The biggest goal-setters know that failure is nothing more than a lesson learned. It is there to teach you something and prepare you for the bigger picture.

Don’t Worry

If you also fall in this category then you don’t need to worry. Just smile and be proud of yourself that you are here reading this motivational article which will help you to stay on track always whether in health or in life. But first learn what is motivation and how it works.

What is Motivation?

Motivation act as a driving force which helps us to go forward even when we don’t feel like. It can be defined as the emotion which helps people to take desired action and start working in the right direction. When you learn to motivate yourself, you’ll be more productive, energised and happier.

An inside out motivation is always a better choice, as no one can understand you more than yourself. Working on yourself daily is the best way to stay motivated always. When you work on something you like then you don’t really need any kind of motivation.

What if you don’t like something doing but you have to do as it will give results in the future? When it comes to health many people don’t like to go to the gym every day. In that case, you need to understand that health is not just only about exercising, in fact, nutrition is many plays a more important role in your daily life.

If you really want to stay motivated to be healthy, then the best way is to change your habits and lifestyle.

Want to change your old eating habits? Read best healthy eating habits worth following.

But what if you don’t have time to change your daily routine and habits?

Don’t worry I have answer to all your problems.

The best thing you can do is to hire an affordable online personal trainer who helps you to design your personal health care routine daily. Also motivates you to never miss a workout again.

active and fit lifestyle. Fit Online

How to stay motivated to be healthy?

Losing interest in exercise and following healthy diets? Or maybe you tried to follow a heathy habit routine but fails to stick to it.

Here are some best tips to stay motivated always to be healthy.

1. Set small and achievable Goal

It may seem like obvious but I want to ask “have you really set a goal?”. Start with a setting up a small fitness goal. Plan you goal and write it down in a journal. When I say a small goal, then I mean a really small goal.

For Example:

  • I will eat 5 different vegetables every day.
  • I will start my day with detoxifying juice.
  • I will eat more protein and less carbs.
  • I will run for 10 minutes a every day.
  • I will drink more water, instead of sugary drinks.

When you write all of your goals in a journal, now it’s time to start achieving them one by one. And what I also want you to do is to reward yourself every time you achieve your small goal. Give this a try and I promise you don’t need to search for any external motivation.

2. Journal your daily meals

When you write your goals and dreams you become accountable to yourself. Journaling is the technique which is used by many successful leaders. Writing something will make you more responsible. So, the next tip is to write down your daily meals in detail. Means you have to figure out that how much calories you take and how much carbs. protein and fats every day.

For Example:

  • Today I have completed my 5 meals.
  • My daily calorie intake is 1825Kcal.
  • My protein intake is 150g.
  • My carbs intake is 250g.
  • My fat intake is 25g.

This is extremely helpful way to stay motivated and stay on track. This will also help you in achieving all of your dreams and goals fast. Maintain a daily journal and talk to it as it’s your really good friend.

let motivation make noise

3. Try new recipes

Boredom is the main reason why most people quit to eat healthy and stay fit. They get bore of eating old food. Human body resists change, that’s why most people won’t change their old food diets. The best way to get back on track is to try something new every day. Try to eat new kind of food and try to make new recipes.

For Example:

  • Eat seafood instead of chicken.
  • Switch to a whole new diet plan.
  • Try a cheat meal once a week.
  • Read more recipes magazines.
  • Change your old diet with a new diet plan.

Enlist your friends and family hidden talent. Means ask for help and discover new recipes. Surround yourself with creative foodies and you’ll again start to enjoy this fitness journey.

4. Reprogram your mind

We make so many decisions on a daily basis. On average, we make more than sixty thousand choices every day. In this fast based life, we forgot to make choices consciously, and we end up having frustration. Living an unclear and directionless life won’t really help us in staying motivated all the time. In terms of health, unconscious choices force you to eat unhealthy or packed foods.

So, now it’s time to reprogram your mind and health. There are many types of exercises to reprogram your mind, but the simplest & the best one is to taking few deep breaths and affirmation. Before eating something make a habit to affirm your mind with some positive words.

For Example:

  • Before eating something take few deep breaths.
  • Ask yourself “will this food helps me to achieve my desired fitness goal?”.
  • Use affirmations and positive words.
  • “I am motivated to achieve my health goals”
  • “I can be anything and make everything reality.

Trust me this will works the best among all. Try to use these techniques and achieve whatever you want to achieve in terms of fitness. Above listed techniques helps you to stay motivated to be healthy.

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