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Now it’s time to get rid of old & boring diet plans and switch to a new healthy diet which works best for you.
our 1-on-1 online nutrition program helps you to build a loving relationship with healthy food.
FitOnline is a personalize health approach, which promises you to create specific strategies to overcome food temptation triggers, set new goals, coach you through a new mindset for long-term health & success.

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One-to-One Coaching

Personalized and step-by-step nutrition program and our weekly tailored diet plans helps you to achieve your fitness goal.

Form new lifestyle

We will work together to form new strategies which helps you to overcome your old unhealthy habits.

Education & Information

FitOnline nutrition coaching educate you with variety of information required to manage your health habits effectively.

reporting & support

Quality of a good nutritionist is to set clients on right track. We monitor your progress daily, ready to serve best anytime.

Benefits for You!

1-Strong Foundation
A written and detailed plan, whose foundation is strong is the key to successful healthy diet. Having a perfect personal plan helps you in grocery shopping & meal preparation. Each plan includes a shopping list for your convenience.

2-Save Precious Time
Specific and detailed meal plans will save your time. You will waste less food by having a structured diet.

3-Save Your Money
Having a nutrition plan will certainly lower your food expense. Not to mention, you are less likely to eat out and spend that money to make your healthy food at home.

4-Form New Habits
In order to achieve your desire fitness objective, you should learn to form new and productive habits. You will be able to create a sustainable habit that allows you to manage your fitness for a lifetime.

5-Education and Coaching
As we already mentioned we not just provide you personal diet plans, in addition we educate you to make fitness training fun and loving.

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When You Start Eating Food Without Labels, There's no Need To Count CALORIES.

It's just that simple

Choose your online personal fitness plan, also available for Vegetarians or Non-vegetarians. Provide us your information and needs.

Complete the payment process of your online personal program. Our Nutritionists will get in contact within 24-hours of your order.

Once you confirmed the order we will get in touch with you via call or text, and your custom nutrition program will deliver to you within 4-business days.

We will be with you for next 90-days and ready to serve you the best. As we don’t charge for our service, we charge for your health.

Live With Confidence

  1. Living a healthy lifestyle can be easy, loving and achievable with the help of professional diet consultant.
  2. Long term productive health habits are so effective when they’re in place.
  3. Number one key to hack your habits is to understand your willpower, and achieve anything you want.
  4. Nutrition & Diet expert make sure to make your health journey fun and enjoyable.
  5. Surround yourself with a supportive friends to motivate you through your transformation journey.
  6. Our Goal is to help you to identify different ways of making right food choice.

Ready toTransform your body?

Want to get fit and eat your favorite food?
Want to break some old diet rules to get in shape?
Want to improve your health through perfect & personal nutrition?
Want to get rid of boring food or diet charts?
Want to work with online personal nutritionist and diet consultant?
If “YES”, then Fit-Online is right place for you!

Frequently asked questions provides you the best online personal trainer and nutritionist, help you to achieve your desired fitness goal more conveniently and easily. We help you to get rid of your old & unhealthy lifestyle, and adopt new, healthier and loving habits. 

Our desire is to make sure that you lead a clean, healthy, active and happy life without any health issues. And the most important ingredient to such a life is a balanced diet and a bit of exercise. 

We all know how important our health is but most of us never realize it until we suffer any illness. We need to pay more attention to our daily behavioural patterns and eating habits. 

Our (fitonline) personal nutrition consultant will design a 90 days healthy diet plans with all the essential nutrients that your body needs which bridges the gap between ‘What you are right now and what should you be’.

Your personal program will slowly but surely helps you to change your eating habits and transform your lifestyle.

  1. Family Nutrition and Coaching.
  2. Women and Men Coaching.
  3. Sports Diet and Nutrition.
  4. Specialised in Weight Management.
  5. Weight Gain Management.
  6. Mindset Training.
  7. Adolescent Nutrition
  8. Muscle Building programs.
  9. Unhealthy Habits changing.
  10. Body Transformation programs.

We all stuck in this question, since a lot of diet advices are already available on Internet. 

One thing that we don’t understand is that the information  and diet plans available online if generalized. We all our different, and our body is too. Our body has different nutrition requirements, different diets, and different workout plans. 

A healthy personal diet plan is depends person to person. Your sex, age, body, weight, environment etc, They all decides which diet plan suits you. 

Remember, we are not forcing you to seek our professional nutritionist to help you achieve your personal fitness goals, you can follow any diet available on internet for free. You can also read our blog posts to get more knowledge.

But if you are someone who wants his/her Online personal program to achieve fitness goals, then you are on right track. FitOnline provides you the best personal nutritionist and trainer which develop your health chart with their expertise and knowledge, to help you get rid of your old lifestyle and form a new one. 

The benefit of online diet consultation is that you can take advantage of online services from the comfort of your home.

Fit-Online follows a complete individual, simple and reliable health management approach towards your health. Our motive is that we do not charge for our services, we charge for your health. 

We assure you that during the course of the program:
You won’t feel deprived.
You won’t feel alone.
You won’t have to give up the foods that you love.

Together, we can develop new long-term healthy habits that will ensure you lasting results.

  • All time support of clinically trained Nutritionist’s
  • 24/7 Whats-app chat with trainer.
  • Customize Diet-plans for Vegetarians and Non-vegetarians.
  • Daily Health tips and lifestyle based diet plans.
  • Mindset Training programs.
  • Daily progress tracker and consultations.

Simply say, ‘NO’. A good nutritionist never puts people on harsh diets. Job of a nutrition consultant is to help people to implement good and healthy lifestyle choices.

FitOnline works with you to understand your personal objective and ensure our recommendations fit in with your likes/dislikes.

FitOnline nutritionist will never asks you to make a lot of changes in your diet all at once. Our job is to work with your personal goals to make series of small changes over a period of time.

We may ask you to do only one thing per week (depends on your body and habits). 

It is important to make sure you tell your online personal nutritionist if you are having any kind of trouble implementing a change as we can provide you with the support to make healthy choices & easier choices.

Here are few tips that will help you to get most out of your online personal program:

  • You need to be completely honest, don’t lie about your food and your habits. (remember, we do not share any information to anyone, for more info please read privacy-policy).
  • Tell your Personal Coach what exactly do you want to achieve and explain your fitness goal, who is your fitness idol, how you want to look etc. 
  • Don’t forget to mention your health issues and your present health conditions.
  • Do mention your personal needs and special dietary needs you want, which helps us to design your Diet Plan perfectly.
  • You can also consult to us anytime if you need any specific change in your diet plan.

As we all know it is not advised to take any medication without doctor consultation, in the same way we suggest don’t start any fancy diet without proper diet consultation.

There are reliable diet and nutrition coaching services available like Fit-Online health programme that will give you personal-online diet and nutrition coaching.
So be smart and get professional online nutritionist help to design out your new habits.

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