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Personal Trainer Cost in 2020 India

Personal trainers are those who help others in their fitness and nutrition journey and achieve their fitness goals. “Why most of the personal trainers’ charges so much?” almost every one of us asks this question before hiring them.

The simple answer to this question is “It depends upon the trainer and on your needs”. Means if you are hiring a new trainer with no experience before, then they may charge up to ₹500 per month. Or if you are hiring a professional personal trainer in India then they can charge you ₹2000 per month. Cost may also depend upon you and your fitness needs.

Who is a Personal Trainer?

What is the job of a trainer? How a P.T can help you to achieve your fitness goals?

P.T has certification and knowledge in health & wellbeing. Their job is to motivate the clients and helping them to achieve their fitness goals. They help people to enjoy fitness and make it a lifestyle. Their goal is to enhance people life and add more value in terms of fitness.

P.T design a health and fitness manual for people according to their needs and schedule. They also measure their daily progress in fitness and nutrition. Quality of a good trainer is that he/she also helps people to be physically as well as mentally fit. Read more here.

When it comes to hiring an affordable and best fitness coach, there are so many things you have to keep in mind. We’ll be covering following topics in this blog and try to give answer to all your questions regarding personal trainer cost in 2020 –

  • What kind of trainer you want?
  • Do you want a personal fitness trainer or a nutritionist?
  • Whether you want an online trainer or an offline trainer?
  • Trainer has qualification in fitness or not?
  • Do you really want to hire a coach or not?
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Factors in Hiring an Affordable personal trainer

  1. Location: It is the major factor in hiring a coach. Trainers in cities charge more as compared to rural areas. There is another factor in a location which is whether you want an outdoor trainer or home trainer. Some trainers may have their own gym and space.
  2. Needs: Cost depends on your needs and your personal health goal. Ask yourself what kind of trainer do I need? Weight loss trainer, weight gain trainer, and general health and fitness trainer. You can choose to have a nutritionist (a person who designs your daily nutrition plan).
  3. Choices: Make a choice that what kind of trainer you want to work with? Whether an Online Personal Trainer or an Offline Coach? Which one suits best for you? Generally, online coaches’ charges are less than an offline trainer. According to most of the people, online trainers works best.

Personal Trainer Cost per month in India Goal Online Trainer Price in () Offline Trainer Price in ()
1 General Fitness Goal 1,000 1,500
2 Weight Loss 1,250 1,600
3 Weight Gain 1,250 1,000
4 Healthy Nutrition 1,500 2,000
5 Weigh Loss Nutrition 1,500 2,250
6 Weight Gain Nutrition 1,500 2,250

*all amounts are in Indian Rupees and may vary.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1)  What if trainer has no qualification?

There are lots of Personal health and fitness trainer with no qualification but with lots of experience.

When it comes to fitness, people don’t need any degree or certificate. All they need is experience and knowledge. You don’t need to worry about the degree of your personal trainer, just focus on how your coach guides and work with you.

When it comes to the cost of hiring Personal Trainer with no qualification, they may charge you less. But before hiring a trainer try to ask about their qualification and knowledge.

Just getting the certificate is not the full story. You need to make sure that they have experience in the field of health and fitness. The most important thing in hiring a personal trainer is the way they behave with you. A good trainer will always ready to help you in all possible ways and adjust according to your personal daily routine. Listen to your fitness goals carefully, and work with you to make those goals reality.

2) Whom should I hire a Trainer or Nutritionist?

Most of the people says that diet is more important than a workout. But wait, then why should everyone be looking for a personal fitness trainer and gym membership?

When it comes to health and fitness, there are two kinds of people-

One who love to go for expensive trainer and the most expensive gym in the town to achieve their health goals. But they forgot about how important diet and nutrition is. These kinds of people love to work out. They achieve their goals by hard exercising.

Then there are those who just focus on their nutrition and don’t really enjoy to go to the gym. They spend their most of the time preparing healthy meal and diet.

So, the answer is simple. Sometimes you have to clearly define your health goals. If you want to lose weight without any hard trainer or workouts then a weight loss nutritionist works best for you. Whereas if you want to gain weight and build muscles then you must go for the gym membership.

Why to choose a nutritionist?

Constipation, diarrhea, unbalanced bowel movements, acid reflux or heartburn, and unbalanced metabolic rate are common symptoms of digestive disturbance. Most people just live their life with these kinds of symptoms thinking that this is the way their body digest food.

A nutritionist or a dietician helps you to understand your digestive system better and figure out ways to improve your well-being.

Another reason you choose to hire a nutritionist is if you are struggling to manage your weight for a long time. You have tried and tested all kinds of diet plans but none they work. A nutritionist helps you manage your weight by developing a custom meal plan for you.

Why to choose a personal trainer?

Most of the people wants to achieve their goals directly (without any struggle). But truth is they are not always achievable. A job of a good trainer is to help you in setting realistic goals or achievable goals.

It’s not just about physical fitness, they also help you to be mentally fit. Hiring a good trainer simply means a good mental health situation. Another reason to choose a workout trainer is that they motivate you, work for you, helps you learn more about your body and teach you to be fit always.

3) Is there any Affordable Personal Trainer option?

It’s true that some trainer charges so much that a normal person can’t afford it. Many trainers claim to show you best results in one month and sometimes you may end up with unhealthy lifestyle.

But don’t you think everyone has right to be healthy and fit? So where to find a best and affordable personal trainer?

Yes, there is an affordable and healthy way to achieve you goals with the help of a trainer.

Here is the best personal trainer service for you and your family. Fit Online is a group of a small but motivated group of personal fitness trainers and coaches in India.

We are the best in our field. We provide you the best online personal coaching for fitness and nutrition. We started our journey just to help people to hire the best and affordable trainer at home. Technology is so advanced today that it helps us to reduce our cost and help others to be healthier & more fit in India. Our goal is to provide you with the quality results and an affordable personal trainer cost in 2020 India.  

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If you really want to see yourself fit and active then you must need to invest in yourself first. Success comes when you start to invest your precious time in yourself.

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