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Take a Step Towards Your Fitness Goal and Watch Yourself Change.

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This is about Lifelong Journey

Fit Online is a brand which is dedicated to helping individuals to get in their desired shape. We help busy men and women to maintain their health & fitness using personally designed exercise, lifestyle and mindset programs.

We create meaningful training, workout, plans, services, and experiences that are personally designed to improve your physical, social and mental health.

Fit-Online training programs are for those individuals who are not afraid to work hard to achieve their fitness goals.
Let’s begin lifestyle transformations journey together and make it a lifelong journey.

Personal coaching

Getting a step-by-step exercise program from elite online personal trainers is the fastest way transform your body.

lifestyle formation

Our Personal Trainers will work together to form new strategies, helps to built your new and healthy lifestyle.

health Education

As a member of Fit-Online community, you’ll be paired with variety of information to form your new health habits easily.

daily reporting

Fitness Coach will be in touch with you regularly and may change your workout plan to keep you on right track.

Fitonline Personal Trainer

Busy Lifestyle?

We help busy Men and Women to maintain health & fitness using personal exercise and mindset.

Studies shows, Most of the men and women lack self-confidence.

Confidence comes from the feeling of being achiever. First, you set up your task or goal. Second, you start working in that direction. Third, you achieve it. Finally, congratulation – now you have more confidence and  respect.

So what are your Fitness Goals? Are you ready to make them reality with us? 

Are you type of person who struggles to wake up early in the morning with energy and perfect mood?

Working out in the morning is the best way to feel more energetic as it boosts up your endorphins which puts you in a better mood. Not Only you’ll feel more energetic, but it’s healthier too.

Not fitting in your favourite clothes/dress? Is it impossible to wear them? 

Wanna lose some extra fat? A simple way is to start exercising that you used to do in your childhood for hours! or start playing with children in the park. It’s the best way to fit in your old clothes. 

 Yes, it’s that simple with us!

Are you one of the person who worry about future happenings?

Stop Worrying! And start saving your energy for happiness and love. Exercise and beat your stress away. Several studies shows that effects of exercising is similar to those of medication.

TIP: Have confidence and faith in yourself that things will work out in your favour and you have the ability to overcome any difficult situation. BEST OF LUCK 🙂

Being proud of yourself means having a self-esteem. People who are proud of themselves tend to live a great life, they have clear direction and set good examples in society. 

Want to be proud of yourself? Start caring about your personal appearance and body. Start working out daily. Spend some time with yourself and live your life freely. 

Nobody can take away your health from you, so just start working on your health & fitness.

How Simple it is?

  1. You and Your Fitness Goals?
    After signing up, our trainers will be in touch with you within 24-hours and ask you to complete a short consultation form. We’ll ask you about your personal goals, current workout experience you have, how often you exercise, your preferences, etc.
  2. Get 1-on-1 personal coaching
    Your online personal trainer will design a custom workout plan based on your preferences within 4-days. We will show you exactly what to do to get healthy results. Plus, you can get in touch with us anytime for any questions – via text/call.
  3. Start achieving your Goals
    We will check in with you regularly and make adjustments to your fitness plan to keep you on the right track. Just stick to your plan and get results. Whenever you have a question or need support, our trainers will be there to guide you.
90 day phone fitness plan

We help as many clients as possible so we may change as many lives as possible!

Everything You Need to get in shape

Home or Gym

We'll design effective workout plan for home or gym based on your personal preferences.

Never Get Bored

You have to make regular changes to 90 days training program so you never get bored of routine.

Break Plateaus

Whenever you get stuck we are here to help you out and break your plateaus.

Your Schedule

FitOnline personal trainers will create plan that fits your workout or exercise schedule.

Full Motivation

Together we can accomplish more & go through hard training weeks. Be patient and consistent.

Always Present

We are always be present for your questions, suggestions and to give helpful tips.

Fitness Trainer

Frequently asked questions provides you the best online personal trainers.  We help you to get your desired fitness goal easily and get rid of your bad habits, and adopt new loving habits. 

We work together with you to lead a happy, healthy and active life without any health issues. The most important ingredient to such a life is an energetic lifestyle with exercise.

When it comes to health, the fact is we all know how important it is! But most of us never care about this fact until we suffer any illness. We need to pay more attention to our physical health as well as mental health.

Our personal health coach will design a 90-days training plan with all the essential exercises that your body needs to bridge the gap where you are right now and where you want to be.

  1. Family Workout Program.
  2. Men & Women Coaching.
  3. Sports Training.
  4. Weight Loss Program.
  5. Weight Gain Program.
  6. Muscle Building programs.
  7. Mindset Training.
  8. Adolescent Training.
  9. Unhealthy Habits changing.
  10. Body Transformation programs.

We all know about internet & stuck in this question, since a lot of fitness advices are already available for free then why should I choose 

Remember that information and plans available online is generalized and anyone can use it, but doesn’t guarantee the results. Simple reason is we all are different, and our body is too.

A healthy personal fitness training plan is depends on individual. Sex, Age, Body, Weight, Environment etc, They all plays a vital role in deciding which workout plans suits your body.

But if you are someone who wants his/her online personal training program to achieve health goals, then you are in right track.

FitOnline provides you the best trainers and coaches. Give us an oppurtunity to design your health chart with our expertise and knowledge, to help you get rid of your old lifestyle and form a new balanced lifestyle. Take advantage of online services from the comfort of your home.

Fit-Online follows a complete one-to-one, easy, simple and reliable health management approach towards our clients. Our main motive is we do not charge for our fitness services, we charge for your healthy lifestyle. 

We assure you that during the course of the program:
You won’t feel lazy.
You won’t feel lonely.
You won’t feel deprived.
You won’t have to give up the foods that you love. 

Together, we can accomplish long-term healthy habits that will ensure your lasting results.

  • All time support of trained fitness coaches.
  • 24/7 Whats-app chat with trainer.
  • Customize Training plans for Wight-Loss and Weight-Gain.
  • Daily Health and Wellness tips.
  • Mindset Training programs.
  • Daily progress tracker and consultations.

Fit-Online trainers will never asks you to make a lot of changes in your exercise routine all at once. Job of a good personal coach is to work with your personal fitness goals to make small changes over a period of time.

We may ask you to change exercise only one thing per week (depends on your body and habits). 

It is important to make sure you tell us if you are having any kind of trouble implementing a change as we can provide you with the support to make healthy & easier choices.

Here are few tips that will help you to get most out of your personal fitness:

  • You need to be completely honest, don’t lie about your exercise habits. (remember, we do not share any information to anyone, for more info please read our privacy-policy).
  • Tell us what exactly do you want to achieve and explain your fitness goals, how you want to look in future etc. 
  • Don’t forget to mention your present health conditions.
  • Do mention your personal needs, which helps us to design your Workout Plan efficiently.
  • You can also contact us anytime if you need any specific changes in your workout plan.

As we all know it is not advised to take any medication without doctor consultation, in the same way we suggest don’t start any fancy workout plan without proper consultation.

There are reliable diet and nutrition coaching services available like Fit-Online health programme that will give you personal-online diet and nutrition coaching.
So be smart and get professional online nutritionist help to design out your new habits.

For more information or suggestions feel free to Contact Us

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