should an underweight person go to the gym

Should an Underweight Person go to the Gym?

We live in a society where going to the gym to lose weight is a trend. Maybe that’s the reason why everyone is prompting weight loss tips but the forgot about those who wants to gain more weight.

Hardly anyone concerns about the people who are working hard to gain weight but fails to do so.

Being Underweight means you are at certain health risks. Moreover, in this media world, they say underweight people don’t look sexy, attractive or smart. There is myth out their which says gym is not a place for underweight people.

I am sure there are tons of questions related to “should an underweight person go to the gym?” like-

  • Being underweight is bad?
  • How it affects your health?
  • What kind of healthy habits should underweight person must follow?
  • What kind of exercise they should do?
  • Is there a strong reason to join the gym?

If you also fall in the underweight category, then you don’t need to worry, because in this article I’ll help you to solve all of your problems related to being underweight.

But first let’s find out signs of being underweight.

Signs of Being Underweight

According to the WHO (World Health Organisation ), underweight means your Body Mass Index ( Check your BMI Here ) is less than 18.5. You can calculate your BMI simply by entering your height and weight in the above calculator.

  • Less than 18.5 – Underweight
  • Between 18.5 & 24.5 – Normal Weight
  • Between 24.5 & 29.5 – Overweight
  • Above 29.5 – Obese

Remember this BMI system doesn’t really mean you fall into the category of underweight. This is just measured by the doctors know your risk for a disease. So, don’t follow the BMI blindly.

There are some issues with BMI, for example, athletes have more muscle mass which weighs more than fat, in this case, you may fall into the category of overweight. And adults may have fewer muscles which may lead to underestimation.

Now the question is how to know whether you are underweight or not? One simple way is to consult your doctor. And another way is to search for the symptoms of underweight.

Symptoms are as follows:

  • Low Bone Density.
  • Less Muscles Mass.
  • Weak Immune System.
  • Irregular menstrual cycle.
  • Poor growth and development.
  • Feeling Lazy and Unhappy.

There can be other signs also, like having large bones, dry skin, joint pain, veiny arms or weak muscles.

Why being underweight can be dangerous?

1. Getting Sick Frequently

Being underweight means less calorie intake and less energy level. When your body doesn’t have enough energy to fight infections fast, then you’ll get sick frequently.

One study also suggests that underweight people are not able to heal as fast as the people with normal body mass index. Another study shows that underweight people have increased risk of surgery.

2. Irregular Periods

Women who fall in the category of being underweight, they may not have a normal period. Underweight women have an increased number of chances of irregular or missed a menstrual cycle.

For more details you can consult your personal doctor.

3. Feeling Tired

This is very common among the people who are underweight. Our body feels tired when it doesn’t have enough energy to work more. Skinny people eat less calories, and doesn’t have enough energy to do more work. Moreover, if you are underweighted you should avoid doing more work, as your body may starts to burn those stored calories which leads to more weight loss.

4. Skin or Hair Problem

If your diet is not enough to fill you up with pack of nutrients then your body may reflect physical signs, such as thin skin, hair loss, or veiny arms.

In this case you should go with a professional nutritionist or dietician.

5. Mood Swings

Health doesn’t only means having healthy outside body, but a perfect health includes mental health also. If you are underweighted you may find hard to concentrate on one thing and constant mood swings. But don’t worry much because this problem is rare in underweight person.

Gym for an underweight person

Should an underweight person go to the gym?

One last thing you have to understand is that there are two kinds of people who fall into the category of underweight personality.

First one is those who are healthy but because of their height and weight ratio, they considered as being underweight. Generally, these people are perfectly healthy and happy with their body, but they still want to gain some weight to look more attractive. Second, one is those who lose their weight because of their significant health issues. People who fall in this category are not healthy, or they are having any kind of surgery going on which leads to sudden weight loss.

Now it’s right time to answer the most awaiting question “should an underweight person go to the gym?”

Answer is Yes, but only if you belong to the group of first one. Means if you are not having any surgery or any kind of health issues, then there is a big yes for you.

Gym will help you to achieve your health goals faster. Find out how gym can help you?

Gain Muscle Mass

There are two ways to gain more mass. One way is to gain fatty mass and another way is to gain pure muscle mass.
Here is the best article which will help you to gain pure muscle mass faster.

Now What?

  • Start exercising daily which helps you to balance your metabolism rate.
  • Eat small meals but frequently. Try to something after 2-3 hours.
  • Stick to your healthy diet and make sure your diet includes all the nutrients.
  • Start being aware of your eating habits.
  • Make sure to drink more than 10 glasses of water every day.
  • Get more calories and be sure that you are in a caloric surplus.
  • Start maintaining your health and change your life.

If you still have some health-related problems or doubts then an online personal trainer may help you in some way.

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