what are heatlh benefits of blueberry avocado smoothie

What are the benefits of Blueberry Avocado Smoothies?

According to me the best breakfast in hot summer days is smoothie made with fresh fruit. Delicious taste and a lot of health benefits make this drink much more valuable. Smoothies are awesome summer treat, which gives you mindful morning and healthy body.

Packed smoothies available in the market is not a good choice. The best way to know nutrition-value of your blueberry avocado smoothie is to make them yourself. Making your meal helps you to keep an eye on what you eat every day. It also helps you to teach self-care and discipline. Benefits of it will keep you on the right track, helps you in achieving your health goals faster.

Smoothies are not just nutritious drink but also, they let you beat the heat in India. We all know that nutritious food gives a boost in energy. More energy means more beautiful & loving day. But why blueberry avocados smoothies? What are the benefits of blueberry avocado smoothies?

Remember, sometimes a great or healthy recipe doesn’t have to be complicated. Blueberry Avocado smoothies are label as a superfood to start your day. This smoothie also helps you in having healthy skin this summer. This is a glass of skin-care routine. Let’s find out what are the benefits of smoothies?

Health Benefits of blueberry avocado smoothies

1. Detoxifies your Body

Smoothies also help you to increase your daily fiber intake. According to the health organization, our dietary fiber intake should increase to 30 grams a day. On average, people are only getting 15g of dietary fiber a day. Smoothies may help you to reach your daily recommendation. A good amount of fiber helps in proper bowel movement. Natural Detoxification is very crucial for the daily excretion of toxins from your body.

2. Increase Immunity

Our immune system performs very well in hard conditions, such as protection against germs, and disease-causing microorganisms. But sometimes, it fails to protect us, which makes us sick. To perform well, it requires harmony and balance. Blueberry Avocado smoothies help you to boost your immunity. A healthy immune system will make you strong physically as well as mentally.

3. Vitamins & Minerals

There is no doubt in vitamins present in fruits. Vitamins and Mineral are considered essential nutrients because they perform hundreds of different roles in our body. Everyday our body produces new cells, which give rise to new muscles, bones, hair, and skin. It’s the red blood which is responsible to carry all the required nutrient to every part of our body.

why smoothies are good choice and helps you in achieving your health goals.

4. Blueberries are low in calories

Blueberry Avocado Smoothie is a great choice for your summer meal. Even if you are following any weight loss program, this smoothie will help you to manage your daily calorie intake. Calories play an important role in our daily life; smoothies help you to save your extra calories intake. Another benefit of blueberry avocado smoothie is it fills you up, which helps you to avoid extra food intake.

5. Healthy for your Heart

In fact, we all exercise and eat healthy in order to keep our heart healthy. A healthy heart means an increase in the supply of nutrients and oxygen in our blood. Being physically active and following a healthy diet, will add years in your life. Smoothies are the best ways to keep your heart healthy. Studies show blueberries helps in preventing heart diseases, such as cholesterol. So, if you want to live a healthy, peaceful and beautiful life then you must give a try to a blueberry avocado smoothie.

6. Great for your Vision

Avocados are a great source of phytochemicals, which is very much helpful in maintaining your great vision. The reason it is great for your eyes is the high amount of lutein present in it. According to the specialists, lutein helps to prevent us from the harmful blue light, which maintains healthy cells within the eyes. To help your eyes to fight with the blue light of your phone, it is a good idea to add avocados in your diet. Avocado smoothies will help you in such case.

7. Blueberry Avocado Smoothie is good for your Mental Health

Most people don’t know what health really means, so please give me a chance to guide you. Health includes physical fitness, nutrition choice, and mental fitness. Truth is it doesn’t really matter how much you work out, or what kind of diet you follow daily, until and unless you are happy inside. If you are perfectly in love with your workout and diet plans, then I can say that you are healthy. Following a lifestyle which you don’t like means more mental stress. It’s true that health is happiness. Love what kind of lifestyle you follow.

Never force yourself to eat tasteless food every time, try new things – add few cheat days every week. Blueberries and avocados smoothies also come under the healthy-eating habit. Live for yourself, try to eat healthy plus tasty food. Never chase happiness, chase a lifestyle which makes you happy. Enjoy every single day of your life, uplift others and smile more every day.

healthy avocados and benefits of avocados

How can Smoothies help you in achieving Health Goals?

There are so many reasons why smoothies are a good meal replacement for you. The number one reason is they save you precious time of life. Blueberry Avocado Smoothies are good for your digestion and manage your metabolic rate.

So many people ask me are smoothies healthy? Use common sense, what happens when you add tons of fresh fruits and vegetables in a blender.

Yes, they are healthy which also helps you to achieve your health goals faster. Avocado and Blueberry smoothies are pure fresh fruits, vegetables and little bit of non-fat milk (or can be soy milk), which will definitely will help you lose weight.

Before going for smoothie meals remember these things:

  • Make your own smoothie at home.
  • Never add extra sugars in it.
  • Wash veggies and fruits before adding.
  • Not always use them to replace your meals.
  • Keep an eye on calorie intake.

Smoothies that you make at home from fresh fruits and vegetables are full of nutrients, minerals, and vitamins. Remember smoothies are not always a good choice to lose weight as they have less hunger curbing power. Your first choice must be fresh food and whole grain vegetables.