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What is Important, Health or Success?

God has given all of us a great gift which is known as life. According to me, life is not just a so-called “life”, it is much more than that. Wait I’ll prove you this in a minute. Being a mind coach, health and fitness trainer, a large number of people ask what is more important in life, Health or Success?

If I have to answer this question I’ll say, both are equally important. Health and success are important to live life fully. We all want to add more value in our life and want to achieve wonders in this short period of time. Health makes you feel good, whereas success makes you feel proud.

The reason why above I said “life is not just a life” is because by the perspective of science any biological thing is life, but we humans has potential to think, and we have emotions to express.

We, humans, are gifted with a mind, which is used to think. If we have this superpower then it means we can use it to understand the sole meaning of life. It gives us the power to make choices. So, should we’ll choose health or we’ll choose success? Let us first understand what health and success are.

What is Health?

According to me being healthy is a state of mentally, spiritually and physically fit. Healthcare helps to maintain this state.

Mental Health is simply related to happiness and prosperity. Being emotionally well and satisfied. Whereas spiritual fitness means the ability to understand yourself, and living your only life. Spiritual health shows us the importance of enjoying this very moment of life, and showing gratitude toward everything we all have.

Health is our greatest Wealth

“Health is the greatest wealth” it’s true fact. But this is also true that most people out there don’t really care about this fact. As we are giving more importance to quantity over quality nutrition, we are now depending upon the quick medical fix and always searching for an easier path.

It’s quite true that genetics play vital role in our health, but we still can control it. Some studies say that a healthy person live more, have good education, earn more, have a loving partner and enjoy life more.

It just takes one hour per day to be fit and healthy. If you think you want to enjoy your life and want to live more then you must invest time in yourself and take care of your body. Respect your time, respect your body and pay attention to yourself whenever you need to. Remember you can achieve anything in life, just stay in the discipline.

If you want to live a healthy life consult your personal trainer now.

Importance of Health in our life

  • Adds years in your life.
  • Live with extra happiness.
  • A stress-free life.
  • Achieve a balance.
  • Getting back up in a difficult situation.
  • Limitless potential.
  • Earning more money.
  • Happily married life.

What is Success?

Many motivational teachers say that it is far easier to define what success isn’t, than to tell you what it is. I think so many people in this world are seeking their magical word “success”. They are chasing it but they don’t really know what it is and how it looks like.

Truth is success isn’t money, fame, building a business, buying a house, luxury cars or becoming good at anything. Most people don’t know why they are working hard to achieve their goals. Ask yourself why you want to achieve your goals and dreams? People chase it because they believe it will make them happy, loving and joyful.

So, what success really is? Ready to know about it?

Success is just a word, which means the way you feel about yourself when you are alone, the way you talk to yourself and when you feel proud alone, that’s what success is according to me.

The day when you start to feel great about yourself is the day when you’ll become successful. Life is short never forget to live it and enjoy it. Remember this as long as you live- “Never chase happiness, chase lifestyle which makes you happy”.

Now you are wondering that why all successful people rich?

The answer is simple because successful people attract more of everything. They earn more, learn more, live more, give more, and they attract more happiness. Rich doesn’t mean how much money you have, but it does mean the ability and the skills to make money out of nowhere.

One last thing I want you to understand is that money is important in life. It is important to buy stuff and eat food. But never sacrifice your happiness over money.

Importance of success in our life

  • Helps you to become the best version of yourself
  • Makes you more loving and kinder toward yourself
  • You feel proud and great
  • You start to talk with your inner soul
  • It provides you confidence
  • Sense of wellbeing and security
  • You feel grateful for everything you have
  • Adapt to adversity
Importance of success in life

What is really important in life, Health or Success?

Health is the ability to achieve your goals, as health gives you energy to do thing which you love. Health gives you the power to earn your materialistic goals and enjoy living them.

Whereas success teaches you the way to live life and feel proud of yourself. Success also helps you to learn more, which means skill to make more materialistic things.

In my opinion health and success, both are important to have. These two are the power to fully live your life. They give you the energy to face any difficult situation. Keep doing your things and don’t let anyone or anything stop you from reaching that goal you set.

How can you start your journey of life by being healthy and successful?

First step to start your life is to know where you stand right now. Spend some days with yourself and completely go inside your body & mind.

See where you are right now in terms of health, mindset, set your goals and see what’s your financial situation is. Take your time to understand yourself. When you are completely aware of where you are right now and where you want to be then it’s time to take action.

Now it’s time to make everything reality. Start achieving your health goals first and then move toward your other goals of life. (like to make more money, to start a business etc.)


  • Our greatest gift is Life.
  • Life is short, respect your time.
  • Health means mentally, spiritually and physically fit.
  • Health helps you make more money.
  • Health may add few years in your life.
  • Success is prosperity and happiness.
  • Success helps you to feel great and enjoy life.
  • Success helps in sense of wellbeing and security.
  • Health and Success are both equally important.
  • Everyday give little bit of time to yourself.