what is the minimum age of joining a gym in India

What is the Minimum age of Joining a Gym?

Great to see that more and more youngsters in India are choosing to live a healthy lifestyle. People in urban areas are moving more toward gyms and indoor workouts, maybe because of the pollution.

Indian youth are more interested to go to the gym. But it’s the biggest notion in India, “What is the minimum age of joining a gym?”. Especially the teenagers are confused or afraid to go to the gym. Generally, they are afraid because of their short height.

So, what is the right age to start work out? The answer is at the age of 13 you can start exercising. But when it comes to gym, the truth is sooner is better. At the age of 16 or 17, you can start your weight lifting exercise in proper guidance.

Gym is not only about weight lifting or muscle building. it is much more than that, running, cycling, strength training, and body weight training, these are all kind of exercises you can chose to perform at any age. In fact, we all exercise since our childhood, crawling is the best example of daily exercise.

Believe me there is no age to start a healthy lifestyle, you have to start working out whether you are too young or too old. Age is just a number; you don’t need any permission to start achieving health goals.

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What is the best age of joining a gym for weight lifting?

There is no such age limit to start lifting weight, but you have to understand that muscle building can be the most dangerous kind of workout. Now some of you are confused what the hell am I saying, why building muscle can be dangerous?

If you are too young or a beginner when it comes to weight lifting, please don’t go to the gym with your ego. If you do so the ego lifting can really make you injured for a lifetime. In the gym you have to understand that lifting more weight doesn’t mean bigger chest or biceps, it also requires proper nutrition and sleep also. If you want to know more about muscle gain then read this muscle-building article.

Let’s finish it, best and minimum age of joining a gym is 16, but keep in mind that you must be guided by a good trainer.